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For most Valentine’s Days spent in college, I have been single. Girls’ Night Out became a ritual since we were all in the same boat. We always teased about wearing black and drowning in our sorrows, but ended up having a great time in red and pink! Pink is my favorite color and red is the best accessory, so to this day, I’ve never had an issue dressing up. This year, Valentine’s Day will be slightly different for me. Hi, my name is Taylor, and I’m in a long-distance relationship. We may be states apart, but I planned a movie date and it will work out. I would like to thank Netflix and modern technology for that. Oh, you didn’t know virtual dates were the thing to do now?

After our movie date, he has agreed to free me for the usual Girls’ Night Out! What is college without my girls? For me to already know what I will wear would be a miracle. I’ll probably stand in my closet for an hour and try on five or six different outfits. For now, let’s just say red, pink, printed jeans and heels. Always wear heels!

In my photo, I chose bold shiny, metallic fashion elements. I’m wearing a pink custom-designed skater dress with pleats and pockets. It was made for me at Jenny Kim Couture, a cute wedding boutique in Houston. The fabric is silk dupioni. My jacket and booties are from Forever 21. I have a mix of silver jewelry from James Avery and Eve’s Addiction. I found the jade stone stud earrings in my grandmother’s jewelry box. My purse is by Kate Spade. My hot pink lip is a must! Maybe I will outfit repeat tonight!

Standing in the closet of love and don’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day? Here are five ways to celebrate:

  • In a long-distance relationship, too? Have a virtual movie date like me! Order take-out for each other and make it a virtual dinner and a movie!
  • Have a Girls’ Day Out so you can spend time with them, too. Make it a spa day! Massages, cocktails, and pink or red mani/pedis are a must. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day nail art.
  • For a Girls’ Night Out, head to a hot, fun restaurant that will give you guys an experience instead of a romantic place with low lights for setting the mood. I love the Asian restaurants where the grill is at your table and the chefs perform while cooking delicious foods
  • Trade places. Pick him up. Take him out. Pay for the meal. It’s so old-fashioned for men to do everything. You are just as capable, so show him! Anything men can do, women can do better.
  • Go shopping! Go alone and show yourself some love. Go with friends and show each other some love. Go with him and show him some love…and style!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Share it on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!


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