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Every time the 14th of February comes around, those who are single tend to sulk over the fact that they do not have a significant other to spend it with. Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day for just couples to celebrate! On a day dedicated to love, show your friends and your family how much you appreciate them, and spend the day together. Forget about all of the lovey-dovey stuff; a day filled with pink, red and glitter couldn’t get much better!

I will be spending this Valentine’s day with my boyfriend.  Classes are cancelled, and a day of much needed relaxing and hanging out will be welcomed with open arms after the loads of homework I have been piling through! We have plans to go to our favorite local restaurant, Southern Roots. Indulging in southern soul food is the way to go! Perhaps we’ll have a slice of strawberry-red velvet cake for dessert. It’s red and sweet, and nearly impossible to resist! Nothing fancy is necessary, just some quality time together is perfect. I’ve opted for an edgy black graphic tee, a contrasting electric pink cardigan, a “Sweethearts” necklace from Bip and Bop and my flashy pair of Dr. Martens to trudge through the snow.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance; try celebrating in these fun-filled ways:

  • Girls night out! Grab some dinner with your closest friends and go to the movies after.
  • Netflix marathon with the most reliable men, Ben & Jerry. (If you have an earning for a thrill, start Dexter. You won’t regret it!)
  • Eat your heart out! Bake some festive heart-shaped cookies and indulge.
  • Surf the web. Pin like crazy, catch up on some of your favorite blogs.
  • Game night pajama party with the girls. Cards Against Humanity, anyone?

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Share it on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!


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