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As we patiently wait for summer and finish up the school year, light and airy fabrics are starting to pop up all over campus. The bohemian trend is huge this season. Whether you are embracing it full on and rocking printed pants or taking a more casual spin on this trend with a maxi, there is no doubt that this is going to influence Fashionistas look all over campus. This Fashionista looks boho chic with her maxi skirt, flowy tank and topping it off perfectly with a denim button-down.

Name: Jessica Martin

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Jessica Martin: I would describe my personal style as fun and girly with a boho side. I wear what I like and try not to stick with a certain style. One day I could wear black sleek clothing, and the next I could be wearing a floral maxi skirt. So it’s really just about how I feel that day.

CF: What inspires your street style?

JM: My street style is inspired by what celebrities wear and what I see on Pinterest, but also if anyone inspires me I pass by.

CF: What items do you splurge on?

JM: I splurge on handbags and shoes. I want comfortable shoes that are also cute, and I have small feet so I have to spend more to get what I want.

CF: How does your major influence how you dress for classes?

JM: I usually always get ready for class but it’s most likely just casual clothing with accessories to dress it up. Being a fashion major, I feel like I can’t dress down unless it’s a gym day.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

JM: My favorite season to dress for would be spring because it’s still cool enough to mix up your outfit with light jackets and cardigans or kimonos to layer but warm enough to wear skirts.

CF: What trends are you most excited about trying out this summer?

JM: For summer, I am excited to try full skirts and bold floral prints.

How To: Try to embrace your inner bohemian this summer, whether it is in regards to silhouette, print or accessories. The summer heat is right around the corner and there is nothing worse then being in tight fitted clothes on those blazing hot days. Opt for a maxi skirt or dress this summer to keep cool. If you are feeling bold and really want to play off this bohemian trend, printed pants are a great way to make a statement. Top off your look with some stacked bangles or a headpiece.


With the end of the semester approaching and presentations piling up, everyone is starting to switch out their tank tops for blazers. Business wear no longer has to mean the same old black dress pants and blazer. A colored blazer or a patterned top is a great way to spice up your look while still following that dreaded dress code. This Fashionista manages to still look fashionable, while sticking to the presentation protocol with her blush colored blazer. This season blazers are starting to make their way into street fashion as well and are a great substitute for a simple sweater.

Name: Maria Reyes

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style.

Maria Reyes: I would describe my style as feminine and urban. 

CF: Do you follow any rules when putting an outfit together?

MR: When you think you look good, you feel good. Always dress for yourself.

CF: What trend are you most excited for this season?

MR: I love the way mixing different patterns looks. The key is to keep the same color palette.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

MR: I check the blog really often, she’s always feminine but with an edge. I also love the comfortable California style of Brandy Melville and the city like style of Urban Outfitters. 

CF: How does your major influence how you dress for class?

MR: I’ve definitely gotten inspiration ideas from different people in the fashion department. I’ve gone to class in anything from a free people maxi dress to full on work out gear. It depends on my mood and what I have to do that day. No matter how you dress, I think that you should always look put together.  

How To: Invest in a well fitted blazer this season. Not only will this blazer be an appropriate go-to for your upcoming interviews, meetings and presentations but you can also have fun with it and work it into your day and nighttime looks. There are so many different types of blazers this season whether you want something unique like a cape blazer or one with longer lapels, these blazers are great for a girl’s night out. For a chic dinner outfit, throw on your blazer with a simple tank top, leather envelope skirt and some pointed toe heels to tie together the look.


You can tell spring is in bloom when the girls across campus start breaking out their floral skirts and dresses, and put away those dark jeans. Even though the floral print trend is not necessarily something new, it is still a Fashionista’s favorite each and every spring season. Whether you prefer a more subtle floral pattern or want to go for the bold floral motifs this season, there are countless ways to wear this trend. This Fashionista does the perfect job of channeling her feminine look in this flowy printed dress. She looks effortless on her way out of the fashion department with her tote and loafers, to make for a comfortable walk around campus on a nice spring day.

Name: Emma Gage

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about what you’re wearing today.

Emma Gage: I am wearing a loose fitting floral patterned A-line dress from Free People with a black crochet neckline. It’s something that can be worn in many seasons. I’m also wearing Cobra Society loafers. The designer for this brand is actually from Minnesota.

CF: How would you describe your style?

EG: I would say that I have a very eclectic type of style, but I would mostly describe it as being girly or preppy.

CF: What is your most coveted article of clothing or accessory?

EG: My most coveted article of clothing would be my Alexander McQueen military jacket. I found it at a consignment shop in DC while I was on college tours. It was from 2010 and has the original Italian tags on it. It also came with a leather caplet.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

EG: I wouldn’t say that there is one specific place that I get my inspiration from. It really comes from all over. Honestly, I don’t really look towards anyone in particular for inspiration.

CF: If you could have unlimited money to spend at any one store, where would it would be and why?

EG: Alexander McQueen, hands down. I really love the aesthetic of the designs. I have always been a fan of McQueen. I admire the effortless beauty that is embodied in the complex designs.

CF: How does your look differ from day to night?

EG: My day look doesn’t differ that much from my night look. The outfits that I wear are very versatile.

How To: Push the floral trend this season and channel your flirty, feminine look. Throwing on a little sundress with sandals or loafers is so simple, yet can make such a statement. Details like crochet at the neckline of the dress can add for a unique effect as well. If dresses and skirts are not your thing, try a pair of fun printed pants this spring season.



This spring has brought on a surprising new trend, the slimmer cut sweatpants. These are becoming a staple for every girl’s wardrobe. They give us just another comfortable alternative instead of wearing leggings everyday. Sweats are making their way across the runways and the most fashionable cities. It’s up to you if you want to dress them up with a cool pair of heels or play off the effortlessly chic look as this Fashionista does with a cropped T-shirt. On those rainy spring mornings, there’s nothing better than knowing you can look great and feel as relaxed as you were in your pajamas you had on just hours before. Pull together this look with a statement hat, or fun graphic tee to add that little something extra.

Name: Lindsey Fleming

Major: Art

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Lindsey Fleming: My personal style is more urban chic and sometimes a little more grunge. I have a little more eclectic style, I like to mix and match a lot of my pieces depending on my mood.  

CF: What is your go-to outfit?

LF: My go-to outfit consists of leggings, Converse and a comfy layered top.

CF: Do you follow any rules when putting an outfit together?

LF: The only rules I follow when putting an outfit together is that you need to feel confident and comfortable. And, if you like it, wear it.

CF: What inspires your street style?

LF: My street style is inspired by mix and matching clothes, and always having a statement piece.

CF: How does your look differ from day to night?

LF: By day, I like to be comfortable with a little edginess, I mix and match fun pieces of clothes. By night, I wear basic colors and I love a dark lip.

How To: When you’re having one of those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed, go for this relaxed, urban look this week’s Fashionista rocks. A pair of more slim fit sweatpants can be surprisingly flattering and incredibly comfortable. Cropped T-shirts are also a great way to make a statement this season. Whether you prefer a witty statement or a print, there are so many great options out there this season. Don’t forget to throw on a fun hat or beanie to pull your look together.


You can feel the energy changing on campus as the sun finally comes out, and students swap their scarfs for sunglasses. It’s time to ditch those winter coats and invest in a good, light transition weather jacket. Springtime on the Hudson creates a whole new vibe on campus. Students make their way out of their houses, and start hanging outside to embrace the beautiful weather. This season is all about the relaxed look with the flowy skirts and cut up tank tops. This Fashionista channels her carefree vibes perfectly in her graphic tank top and fringe maxi skirt.

Name: Amanda Pichiarallo

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Amanda Pichiarallo: My style is a mixture of many different trends. I like to experiment with different styles from girly chic to edgy hipster type looks. Overall I think I have a more laid-back carefree look.

CF: What inspires your street style?

AP: My street style is inspired by a lot of things I see on Pintrest, Tumber and fashion magazines.

CF: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

AP: My favorite piece of clothing in my closet is definitely my denim jacket, because I can either dress it up or down.

CF: If you had unlimited money to spend at any one store, what store would you chose and why?

AP: I would choose Urban Outfitters because a lot of their pieces seem basic, but they’re extremely versatile.

CF: What spring trend are you most excited about?

AP: I m really excited about boyfriend jeans and overalls, I think they’ll be in style for both  spring and summer.

How To: This season is all about looking effortlessly chic. Little details like rips in your jeans, or tying your loose tops into little knots at your hip are the perfect way to pull off this look. In this transition weather, a versatile lightweight jacket is also a must-have. Whether you want something a little edgier like a denim jacket or a more feminine embroidered jacket, there are countless ways to rock these looks.




Although the snow has finally melted, it is not quite time to bear all for spring. Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring can be tricky, but this Fashionista does it perfectly. With a lighter letterman jacket she is still able to beat the chill in the air without having to wear a puffy winter coat. Adding a little pop of color is also an easy way to start getting ready for this season’s brighter color palette. Whether it’s a contrasting color beanie or a bright lip, this spring is all about vibrant colors. What better way to show your mood than picking the perfection hue that reflects how you are feeling. Playful shades of fuchsia and red orange are the big trends of the season both in clothing, accessories and makeup.

Name: Kathryn Rogers

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Kathryn Rogers: Today I chose to wear my varsity jacket. This is one of my favorite pieces!  I purchased it while studying abroad in Paris, France. I paired it with a simple black tank, leggings, a beanie and cut out booties.   

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

KR: As a fashion major, I love trend researching and therefore my personal style is often changing. I am always trying to experiment with new looks. Currently I have been referring to for inspiration. I love that their site incorporates trending European fashions. I typically pair a fun bolder piece (like my varsity jacket) with a simple white or black tank and leggings.  

CF: What is your go-to item in your closet right now?

KR: My go-to item is between my kimono and my oversized Aztec sweater. Both are super comfortable and easy to throw on over a simple class outfit to make it more fun and exciting.

CF: What trends are you most excited to try out this spring?

KR: This spring I am most excited for midi skirts! This new trend that resembles the Dior New Look, it’s a perfect example of how fashion recycles over time. I am also a huge fan of body chains and boyfriend jeans. 

CF: What influences your style?

KR: Olivia Palermo and Kylie Jenner are two Fashionistas who influence my style. Olivia Palermo is always impeccably dressed in the latest fashions and Kylie is edgy, unique and the epitome of California chic. 

How To: Choosing shoes in this kind of weather is not always the easiest thing. While it’s still too cold for sandals, it may be a little warm for those riding boots and combat boots we lived in all winter. Cut out shoes are a huge trend this season, and are the perfect solution for this in-between weather. If you want something a little sportier, sneakers are always a great alternative. Have fun with your shoes this season, they can make an outfit.




It seems like we are finally catching a break with this weather. It’ time to start shedding those layers and showing off some skin during this transition into the spring season. While it’s not quite time to lay out on the green in a sundress, I think its safe to say we can put the puffy coats and scarfs aside and go for a little lighter weight sweater. This Fashionista does this perfectly by pairing her light embroidered sweater and crop top with a great pair of high-waisted pants.

Name: Kasey Plotkin

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kasey Plotkin: I would say that my style is definitely girly. I like to add feminine pieces to all of my outfits, whether it is the color pink or a cute bow. I like to mix my girly style with bohemian type looks, so I will add flowy things with florals and pastels and creams are a must, because honestly what is better than a girlie-girl look?

CF: What inspires your street style?

KP: My street style is definitely inspired by what is comfortable, but also by what will catch people’s attention! I like to go with a casual look, usually paired with accessories (preferably gold), and a cute hairpiece.

CF: What are the must-haves in your wardrobe?

KP: Definitely my bows because they add a feminine touch to each of my outfits. Also you can’t go wrong with a good pair of boots and a pair of black high-waisted pants!

CF: How does your look differ from day to night?

KP: During the day I wear a lot of creams and pastels and try to go for more of a cute, girlie and bohemian look, while at night I wear darker tones such as blacks or reds and wear jewelry that is more chunky or bold. I like to be more comfortable during the day, while at night it’s all about the glam!

CF: If you could have one celebrities closet who would it be, and why?

KP: I would definitely want Ariana Grande’s closet. She goes with classic pieces that are always fun and girlie! She isn’t afraid to wear bold prints, like her macaroon dress by Kenly Collins and she always has perfect pastels and florals.

How To: An easy way to add a playful twist to your spring outfits this season is with a girly bow or hair accessory. Whether it’s a fun colored bow hair clip or metal headpiece, this is a simple way to add a little something extra to your look. Another way to add a little detail to your spring wardrobe is to buy embroidered tops and tunics that can instantly give you that bohemian vibe.


It seems as if this is the never-ending winter and with each new day, you have to put on yet another layer. With this chill in the air in the Hudson Valley, the campus’ Fashionistas have been trying their best to balance layering for warmth and not becoming a shapeless bundled up blob. This Fashionista does the perfect job of staying cozy and looking chic simultaneously. By throwing on a pair of tights with her sweater dress and adding an extra lazy of sweater socks under her boots she beats the cold in the best of ways. Get creative in your layering by playing with different textures and weighted knits.

Name: Kelly Stein

Major: Psych/Special Education

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style.

Kelly Stein: I like the classic lines a lot. I wear a lot of neutrals and jewel tones because of my hair color. Because of my major we are supposed to dress professionally so I try to incorporate my personal style into that while maintaining those standards.

CF: What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet right now?

KS: I have a Madewell sweater dress that I really like. I hate wearing jeans so it’s perfect that I can just throw that on with tights or knee socks and dress it up or down.

CF: If you could have an unlimited budget at any store, what store would you pick?

KS: It would be a tossup between Topshop and kate spade depending on how I was feeling. I like to interchange between girly, classic looks and edgy so it all depends on the mood I was in that day.

CF: How do you like to accessorize on a normal day?

KS: I am really into small, simple little gold pieces right now. I usually keep a little gold necklace on and then add a watch.

CF: What is your favorite season clothes wise?

KS: Fall because I like the transition of the weather and the layering that comes with that. I love the look of boots and sweater dresses so this is the perfect time of the year for that before you have to start bundling up completely.

CF: What are you inspired by?

KS: I take inspiration from a lot of stuff, depending on the season. In the summer I am inspired by folklore and the whole layering bohemian, festival type vibe. Overall, I take a lot of inspiration from art and different fashion blogs.

How To: This Fashionista is right on point with her color choices as they complement her hair and eye color. Pick colors this season that are best for your coloring and make your hair and eyes pop, especially in this dull weather. Blondes generally look best in warm colors, brunettes in jewel tones and redheads in greens and ivory. As far as layering goes this winter, play with shapes! Some people look better in structured coats and fitted cable knit sweaters while others can pull off the oversized baggy look we are seeing a lot this season. Have fun while you can with layering tights and sweater socks under dresses and skirts. Also invest in a good pair of rain boots, or a more sturdy riding boot that can withstand trudging through all of this snow. There is nothing worse then ruining your favorite leather boots or having the snow soak through your shoes.


Break out of the winter rut, and play with patterns and pops of color this season. Whether your look is inspired by exotic animal patterns or geometric prints, there are so many ways to work it into your everyday outfits. Scarves and over sized sweaters make dressing comfortable and looking chic at the same time so simple. This Fashionista uses layers on layers to keep her outfits interesting this season. Throwing on a pastel blue vest paired with contrasting orange and black patterned scarf created the perfect complement in this winter ensemble.

Name: Kimberly Hower

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kimberly Hower: Urban Hippe, I wear a lot of flowy things and patterns. I could wear Free People all the time.

CF: How do you like to accessorize your outfits?

KH: Bracelets, bangles are my favorite because you can just pile them on.  I also love big rings.

CF: What’s your favorite season to dress for?

KH: Fall, I like layering without having to completely bundle up. Also the colors in the fall are the best.

 CF: How does your look differ from day to night?

KH: I wear a lot more black at night, with brighter accessories. I also wear tighter silhouettes at night compared to my flowy daytime clothes.

CF: What’s your day-to-day look for class?

KH: Usually leggings with over sized sweaters, with some kind of accessories. I like to wear something comfortable and add jewelry to make it a lot more interesting.

 CF: What inspires your look?

KH: I don’t really follow any designers, but I’m inspired by visuals at stores like Anthropologie and Free People. Also weirdly home décor sometimes inspires me.

How To: Have fun playing with patterns this season, whether it’s with a sweater with a culture inspired pattern, or a geometric patterned scarf, it’s an easy way to add instant energy to your outfit. It’s always good to have some basics that can be versatile additions to your closet. Get a good pair of leggings and a nice pair of riding boots you can wear day to day and just switch up your tops. Accessorizing with some stacked bangles or even a fun headpiece is such an easy way to rock the effortless hippie trend this season.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect balance between practical and stylish street wear. However, this fierce Fashionista’s outfit proves that it’s possible to wear something that’s both comfortable and fashionable. Her ensemble gives a whole new meaning to the term city chic. She’s not afraid to make a statement and you can tell by her bold lip color. This Fashionista pulls her outfit together flawlessly with a great day bag and trendy hat.

Name: Jillian Hernandez

Major: Fashion Merchandising / Styling

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Jillian Hernandez: I would have to say I’m one that’s not limited to just one type of style. I like to be preppy at times but can switch it up instantly to edgy. It varies depending on my moods, inspirations and my likes and dislikes.

CF: How does your style differ day to night?

JH: Day to night, my style goes from effortless chic, to effortless sexy. I don’t like to look like I tried to hard, because I don’t. Style is not something you can acquire. Being able to style yourself or others is indeed an art. Either way the objective is to be memorable.

CF: What is your favorite way to accessorize?

JH: Handbags, handbags, and more handbags! So necessary to complete an outfit! I believe handbags are the symbol of a women’s taste. Handbags can reflect a fashion statement.

CF: If you could give one piece of fashion advice what would it be?

JH: For those who don’t really know their style, it’s important to listen to your inner voice. It’s about expression, whatever you want to say to the world. what you want to project, what’s your story?

CF: If you could pick one designer brand to stock your closet with, who would it be and why?

JH: Of course, Givenchy! I love the extraordinarily, insane structure this collection has.

CF: Living in the city is it more important to dress for comfort or to make a statement?

JH: I think living in the city the first thing you think about is to make a statement. Unless you absolutely have to be comfy, let’s just say making a statement is always the way to go.

 How To: Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and lengths when layering this season. Our trendsetter shows off all her layers by letting her collar peep out from under her sweater and her sleeves show from under her cropped leather jacket for some color play. Also we can’t forget one of this seasons favorite items, the ankle boot. Cuff your jeans at the ankles to make sure everyone can appreciate the edgy details on your favorite winter boot.  Finish off your look and spice things with a bold lip color this season. Find a shade that works with your skin complexion, and you’ll see how this little lipstick trick can make your whole look come together.