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Style doesn’t have to be always all about the clothes. Living in a beautifully decorated room can make you as happy as buying a new pair of killer shoes. The heroine for this week’s AROUND TOWN is a young interior designer Zarema Mussatayeva. Before Mussatayeva moved back to Kazakhstan to pursue her carrier in design, she spend three years studying in Milan, Italy. Right now she is working for Kazin Project, designing apartments, offices, restaurants and clubs.

Name: Zarema Mussatayeva

Role: Interior Designer

CollegeFashionista: What are your favorite styles and colors?

Zarema Mussatayeva: I love an eclectic style. When it comes to colors I love everything white with some pop of pastels here and there. It is very fresh, and I feel like you wouldn’t get tired of it.

CF: What kind of advice would you give to college kids who live in dorms/small apartments and have very limited space for design?

ZM: I would say use your space wisely. Look for things that are multi-functional.

CF: Where do you get your inspiration?

ZM: A lot of times I get my inspiration from the catwalks and fashion shows. Also knowing the design history is very important.

CF: What are the challenges you have to face as an interior designer?

ZM: I think the main challenge is to keep the balance between what the client wants and what you want. You have to make sure that you hear and understand the client. Different people have different taste, so you need to make sure to have that balance.

CF: What is your advice for decorating an apartment?

ZM: There are four aspects you need to pay attention to. It’s form, functionality, light and color. Don’t underestimate light, it’s very important. The right lighting can create the atmosphere of harmony.

Learn More: Mussatayeva is hoping to work on even bigger projects. She loves designing restaurants, so next time you are eating out in Astana or Almaty, Kazakhstan, and feeling extra homey, make sure to ask who was the designer.


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