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Many people say they are into fashion and there are certainly those whose passion for trends is written on their face. Such is the case with Viktor Collins who wears style on his sleeve. Surrounded by clothes all day, he is currently working on combining his passion for fashion with his love for photography.

Name: Viktor Collins

Role: Key Holder

CollegeFashionista: What are you currently studying in college? 

Viktor Collins: I first went to BMCC and now I am taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am taking classes dealing with fashion and photography. I want to learn how to capture the essence of a person and his outfit in a snapshot.

CF: Where do you find your inspiration for your photography?

VC: For me personally, I love the skyline. There’s so much to see there that you can never run out of anything to photograph. It teaches you how to look at the detail of things, which I hope to incorporate into my artistic style with fashion photography. 

CF: What is something that defines your personal style?

VC: Definitely a good jacket. Even in the summer I try to have one on. I know it’s summer time and everyone is trying to be naked out here, but without a jacket I do feel naked. An outfit is bare without one. It basically completes my look.

CF: Well currently you’re working at Brandy Melville, so what’s your favorite thing about the brand?

VC: I love that it’s very West Coast meets East Coast. Everything in here is very West Coast which I think people really like because it’s so beachy. But then the colors are very East Coast with the blacks and nudes. The pieces here are simple in the best way because you can dress them up and make them runway style without a problem.

CF: Where do you see yourself in the future?

VC: Things are always changing. What I want today may change tomorrow. But in general I see myself working for Vogue as I pull a lot of my inspiration from Mario Testino.

Learn More: While attending FIT, Viktor can be found working hard at the Brandy Melville on 3rd Avenue between 73rd and 74th Street.


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