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There is no place that embodies the term “timeless fashion” better than Souchi!  This exclusive Chicago boutique located right on Webster offers versatile and unique apparel and accessories. What I love so much about this store is how fun and easy it is to mix and match; not to mention their adorable sandals for the summer! I met with Sarah Rosenbloom; the store manager of Souchi to find out what makes it an exclusive Lincoln Park favorite.

Name: Sarah Rosenbloom

Role: Manager, Souchi

CollegeFashionista: What would you say makes Souchi so unique, and so special to Lincoln Park?

Sarah Rosenbloom: We are very exclusive. We only have two stores and only a handful of boutiques throughout the country. Our knits are super special, and we try to find lines from Italy and smaller places through out the country that other boutiques don’t have. We have exclusive shoe designers, as well as this amazing Italian line. You know that what you’re purchasing is original and unique, and you won’t see many people wearing it. 

CF: What would you say is Souchi’s signature must- have item?

SR: I definitely would have to say our knits! The owner of the store is the designer of all the knits and they are all hand loomed in Portland, Oregon, so that’s super rare. The owner goes to Scotland and Italy to get her fabrics; so all the knits are the absolute best and handmade in America.

CF: What trends do you forecast for the summer?

SR: Obviously the little crop top and the high-wasted bottoms are so in. I love it! I think the look can be approachable for so many ages if dressed properly, and you can wear it in so many different ways. I love a high skirt! But of course, just the basic white and black are always on trend; I think that is big for summer, which I love! I love a good summery ivory on everyone as well. I feel like there are some crazy trends that I may not get too into, but Souchi is really about timeless pieces that will last forever.

CF: What has been your favorite look so far that you have seen through out the store?

SR: So many! Whenever the owner comes in town she is a layering genius! She layers all of her knits in the craziest ways that I have never even thought of so I love the versatility of the pieces that come to the store. Just throwing pieces together that you didn’t think would work but somehow do work together makes an instant statement!

Learn More: To see for yourself Souchi’s awesome knits and unique pieces, you can check them out at 1205 West Webster Avenue in Lincoln Park!


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