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Street fairs are a great way to discover vintage clothing, independent designers and little shop owners. Street fairs in the summer are always happening in New York. Whether you’re a foodie, an art collector or looking for a great way to get out of your apartment, street fairs have it all. The Smith Street Fair was almost 80 percent art. Everything was so beautiful. The clothes, the paintings, the crafts that were being made right in front of you all were amazing. Art is a such a strong part of the street fair community. This artist has amazing talent and many years of experience under her belt. Rosemary Romeo of is a eco-green visionary artist who makes art out of recycled material. From jewelry, clothes and even home decor, she’s made it all.

Name: Rosemary Romero

Role: Eco-green visionary artist

CollegeFasionista: How did you start making your art?

Rosemary Romeo: You can paint a flower but it’s never the same like the real flower, so that was my second line my floral jewelry. Which I put on broken glass. I love glass so I started putting flowers. Experimenting with mediums; a lot of mediums will change the color of the flower, but I found what worked and I put them in glass. People loved it– they took off on it and I started from there. Anything I can recycle, they just loved it.

CollegeFashionista: You been doing this for 15 years?
RR: For 15 years, yes. So a lot of recycling. And then Hurricane Sandy came, my fence broke down. It was a shame seeing all the garbage being thrown away, so I looked at my fences and I started to do fence work and wood burn on the fence to make home decor with that, and all the bottles were being thrown so I started making lamps out of bottles and painting them. I love glass and wood. I started painting on the bottles. That’s what happened with that. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, but it seems to be in style right now. Always ahead of the times.

CollegeFashionista: How did you do your T-shirts?
RR: The T-shirts. Again, I’m frugal. I don’t like being ripped off or anything and I don’t like anything ordinary. I don’t do ordinary is my companies name so I started doing white shirts. It’s like a white canvas I just dyed them myself and just experimented with colors I didn’t want to do anything everyone else was doing. I wanted to be different so I dyed them myself the colors never came out right nothing’s ever color safe. Then I would draw the color and painting them that way.

Learn More: Buy Rosemary’s amazing art at her Etsy store Idontdordinary or on her website.


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