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There’s just something about the silhouettes that were designed around the 1940s and ‘50s that make them classically timeless and still relevant today. Vintage inspired designs are popping up all over the runways and Atlanta-based fashion designer René Sanning has also been inspired by older silhouettes. An outfit from her boutique would definitely include a midi skirt and frilly crop top with a sophisticated clutch for a stamp of chic. Her fabulous boutique in Little Five Points is filled with wonderful creations that look like they came from a Marilyn Monroe film. I stopped by to find out how she got into the industry.

Name: René Sanning

Role: Designer at René René

CollegeFashionista: What makes René René so unique?

René Sanning: I think that René René is kind of special because everything we do in here is original. I design all the clothing. We own our own production company so we produce the clothing. I do very small amounts of each design in any one particular fabric. As a designer, I am very inspired by old movies. So it has that kind of glamour of the 1940s and you can wear a René René dress and feel like Marilyn Monroe. 

CF: How would you describe the René René girl?

RS: The René René girl is someone who doesn’t listen to other people concerning what she wears. She wears what she feels comfortable in. I think that’s the best way to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. I feel like she has her own look, she’s very confident, and doesn’t need people to approve of what she has. 

CF: What is your favorite piece in the collection?

RS: I think the Marilyn Monroe dress that we’re doing is my favorite. In fact, we just celebrated her birthday and we had a party where everyone came dressed as Marilyn. I think that’s a look that I like the best of all.

CF: What are some trends you are looking forward to this season?

RS: I am looking forward to fall and winter. In fact I already have my fabrics that I’m going to use and I’ve planned a lot of the designs. I think that it’s still going to have that vintage look. I’m going to add light coats for the Atlanta market. I’m doing a lot of A-line dresses, A-line skirts. It’s going to be a good fall and winter. 

CF: What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

RS: I don’t know because I’ve been interested in fashion for so long. My mom has sketches I did when I was seven or eight years old, so I’ve never had any interest in doing anything except being a fashion designer. 

CF: What advice would you give to an aspiring fashion designer?

RS: To not get discouraged and to follow your dreams. Just keep trying if at first it looks like you’ve possibly made a mistake, because chances are you probably haven’t made a mistake. If you really want it that badly then go for it.

Learn More: If you want to add some classic staples to your wardrobe don’t forget to stop by René René located in Little Five Points at 1142 Euclid Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia 30307.


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