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I personally love owning clothes that can be found in only a few stores in the world. Knowing that there is a very low chance of seeing someone else wearing the same piece I own makes me feel more unique — and I know I am not the only one with this similar mindset. Located around the middle of Rockville Town Center, Red Hue Boutique definitely caught my eye with unique selected styles rarely seen anywhere else! Their main brand, Red Hue, is specially designed by Silvia Huezo, the owner of Red Hue Boutique. Along with some other brands being sold in their store, Silvia brings you beautiful selections of clothing that she designs from El Salvador. Every time I visit Rockville Town Center, I always love checking out Red Hue Boutique to see what’s new. This time, I had the opportunity to learn more about the store from the sales manager, who has worked here for three years, and meet with the owner, Silvia Huezo.

Name: Roylyne Jackson

Role: Sales Manager, Red Hue Boutique

CollegeFashionista: What motivated the owner, Silvia Huezo, to open up Red Hue Boutique?

Roylyne Jackson: Silvia studied fashion design in Marymount University. Her first dream was to open her own clothing line. Moreover, she had a business background through family. Through that, she decided to open a boutique, while benefiting people in some ways.

CF: What makes Red Hue Boutique unique from other boutiques here?

RJ: Red Hue brand clothing that she designs comes from El Salvador, which is where she is from. She created ways to keep it sweatshop free, and no child labor laws are broken. There are also other brands being sold in the store that goes very well with our styles.

CF: What are the top favorite trends being sold in this boutique?  

RJ: We are loving the neon colors, pinks, reds, greens and yellows in tops, bottoms and dresses. Bold statement jewelries are also our favorites!

Learn More: Check out and support Red Hue Boutique online at, and in stores, located at 36-F Maryland Avenue in Rockville Town Center!


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