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A college town like Gainesville is full of outfits that slowly, but surely always seem to look the same. Sure, high-waisted shorts and a cute crop top are cute enough, but if you see 25 different variations of the look daily, it can get more than a little old. For Gainesville, that’s where stores like Persona Vintage come into play. Filled with vintage odds and ends, Persona offers a new, unique spin on fashion that incorporates vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind finds. Hats, jewelry, bags or costume pieces – Persona Vintage has it all and more. And it’s just the kind of fashion-based small business that Gainesville needs more of.

Name: Alexandra Haley

Role: Sales Associate

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe the overall vibe of the store?

Alexandra Haley: The store is really eclectic because we supply from so many different places. We have things we sell on consignment, we have things that are vintage, things that are handmade and things that the owner finds when she’s traveling. We also supply from a couple of indie companies that we ship in from. 

CF: How long has the store been open?

AH: The store has been open since 1980. 

CF: What is your favorite thing that you’ve seen come into the store? 

AH: That’s actually the best part of working here. I find things that are hidden in the store. My personal favorite is all of the vintage stuff that we have in the store. Fifties clothes are the best. 

CF: Who would you say is your average customer?

AH: It actually really is a range of people. We get customers in here of all ages that are just looking for eclectic, interesting pieces. It’s not just college girls. 

Learn More: To find out more about Persona Vintage, visit their Facebook page or visit the store itself, located in downtown Gainesville at 201 SE 2 Pl.


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