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For my post this week I decided to take a quick drive over the Ravnel Bridge to a local haven in Mt. Pleasant, Pitt street in the Old Village. I cannot put my finger on it but there is something magical about this area. It’s like time has slowed down just enough for you to enjoy the southern simplicity of life. Before you take a stroll on the Pitt Street Bridge, you have to walk through The Village. There are bakeries, shops, children on bikes and people who are loving life. I stopped by a one-of-a-kind local shop, Out of Hand. This store specializes in local jewelry, clothing, sun glasses, art, pocketbooks – anything really! Out of Hand reminds me of a mixture of JLINSNIDER and the Haute Hanger stores I recently wrote about. I had such a great time catching up with some of the stylists in the store, Jenlu Williams and Ashley Bridges.

Name: Jenlu Williams and Ashley Bridges

Role: Style Consultants

CollegeFasionista: What makes Out of Hand so unique?

Jenlu Williams and Ashley Bridges: Our owner looks far and wide to find a local artists with unique things to sell that you most likely would not be able to find other places. We have a huge variety of things as well. We recently got some vintage jewelry from Italy, that we just love! This store is like the mixture of new vintage with local goods.

CF: If you had to pick your favorite item in the store, what would it be?

JW: I really love the CP Shades clothing line we carry, it is so soft and versatile. We have the Nina Jane collection, a designer from Mississippi that sells hand made jewelry. I like the Chan lulu necklaces, they are really popular!

AB: I really love the CP Shades collection as well. We got some Jonny Was clothing in also, all of his stuff is very comfortable and easy to wear. I love all the jewelry we have here, there is no way I could pick! The lotions, wallets, lipsticks and other things are a really nice option to have while shopping too!

CF: What is your favorite part about working in The Village at Out of Hand?

JW and AB: The people! The ones we work with and the costumers. 

Learn More: Next time you are in need of retail therapy or just want to find a local sweet spot, check out Out of Hand located at 113 Pitt Street, Mt. Pleasant. You can keep updated with all the deals around the store through their Facebook, Instagram or their website! This store is definitely worth the drive, and once you have finished shopping you can step out and enjoy the surroundings or walk down to Pitt Street bridge and have a photo shoot with your new finds!


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