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There is a nice feeling of personality and authenticity when you enter a mom-and-pop business. The store almost feels organic, as it is true to its self and its customers. Liana Garcia stands true to her store’s culture when it comes to creating outfits. Mixing and matching short overalls, with a floral kimono and some dotted Jeffrey Campbell shoes, this Fashionista makes sure to be one of a kind.

Name: Liana Garcia

Role: Student at Kean University, Manager at Nirvana

CollegeFashionista: I love the mojo you have going on with your outfit. How would you describe your personal style?

Liana Garcia: I would probably say it’s like an edgy bohemian style. I’m into all things Indian, printed harem pants and especially mixing things that you wouldn’t usually think go together.

CF: Where do you get the inspiration to put together such fashionable outfits?

LG: I get most of my outfit inspiration from fashion blogs, such as We Wore What or Man Repeller. I also look up to Nichole Richie and the Olsen twins, the three are such fashion gods. 

CF: What trends are you most excited to rock this summer?

LG: I know this may sound really weird, but I am really into Birkenstock sandals. I feel like they are such casual hippie shoes that match with anything (or perfectly mismatch) and are super comfortable.

CF: What is your favorite accessory?

LG: I am in love with my new Catbird rings. They’re so simple, yet unique. You can stack them in different ways. Or move them around to fit in different spots. The best ones are my personalized ones. One of my rings has my initials and the other one has my boyfriend’s name.

CF: What is your favorite part of your role as Manager at Nirvana Boutique?

LG: My favorite part has got to be the immense amount of creative freedom I have with the store. I can dress the mannequins however I want or re-arrange the store so it looks it’s absolute best. Recently I have also had some influence in what is being bought for the store. I know not all my customers want to dress like me, but I think I am good at reading other people and choosing clothes, even if its something I wouldn’t wear.

Learn More: If you’re as obsessed with Liana’s style as I am check out her creativity at work at Nirvana Boutique, located at 218 E Broad St, Westfield, New Jersey 07090.


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