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With a city full of people, it was only fate that I met Micaela Metz: a Fashionista with an amazing internship opportunity at one of the most successful department stores in the world: Macy’s, Inc. This Fashionista told me about her experiences at Macy’s, Inc. this summer, and about the corporation’s different levels that extend much farther than their annual Thanksgiving parade!

Name: Micaela Metz

Role: Marketing Intern, Macy’s, Inc.

CollegeFashionista: What does a normal day at your internship at Macy’s, Inc. entail?

Micaela Metz: A normal day at my internship involves working on marketing projects for Macy’s private brands with the team, attending meetings (we had a very exciting meeting with Vogue the other day) and working with my fabulous supervisor, Val.

CF: What is your overall favorite part about Macy’s, as an overall corporation?

MM: My favorite part about Macy’s as a company is the commitment to excellence and the ability for women to thrive in a business setting. There are so many women in executive roles at Macy’s that I really look up to. One in particular is our senior vice president of marketing, Nancy Slavin. I admire her intelligence, hardworking nature, compassion and how well spoken she is. She is truly is a business woman and is very well respected; I aspire to be like her one day.

CF: How has your internship allowed you to become more knowledgable about the fashion industry?

MM: My internship has allowed me to become more knowledgeable about the fashion industry by allowing me to see first-hand how fast-paced it is and how you really have to understand all elements of retail to do your job well. You can’t just specialize in marketing, you have to have a 360-degree view of how the business works to be successful as a company. 

Learn More: Interested in having a summer like this Fashionista? Find out more information by visiting Macy’s, Inc. career website or even take a look at an internship application!


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