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As young Fashionistas/os, we all strive to establish our own unique sense of style. We can do this by acquiring statement pieces, channeling our favorite fashion icons or even by focusing on a different era. However, the ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression on others without having to say a single word. People should be able to see a Fashionistas/os ensemble and be intrigued by their bold aura. I personally find that shopping at small boutiques and markets helps your style evolve since the merchandise is rare and isn’t sold at very many retailers. Another bonus is that shopping locally also helps out small business owners and local designers. I was lucky enough to come across the Luxe Wagon outside one of my towns most popular plazas.

Name: Dot Kesling

Role: Fashion Co-Curator, Luxe Wagon

CollegeFashionista: What gave you the idea to do a moving boutique?

Dot Kesling: My partner and I were in New York and we saw the concept there. The girl we saw just sold jewelry and accessories. We wanted to open a store but we didn’t really want employees. We both have a wanderlust spirit and we like the idea of going place to place. 

CF: How long has the Luxe Wagon been open?

DK: We just opened in mid April. It’s actually a company-owned potato chip wagon but we converted it over the winter to the Luxe Wagon. 

CF: What are your favorite summer trends?

DK: I love maxi dresses because they’re really easy and totally effortless. I also love tunics and I’m so glad they’re back in big force. For tops, I am definitely a fan of wide tanks with open arms since they are such great layering piece. And of course jewelryjewelry and more jewelry! 

CF: Besides being a boutique on wheels, what other characteristics make the Luxe Wagon stand out?

DK: There are over 350 wagons but none of them are franchises. It’s also really important for us to seek out designers with interesting back stories. We sought out designers that either give back in some way or are new. There’s so much talent out there and we feel that we can help expose it.

Learn More: To find out where the Luxe Wagon will be next, feel free to check out their website. They stop at markets, restaurants and will even make an appearance at your own private party. Also, be sure to check out and like the Luxe Wagon on Facebook to receive even more information.


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