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When Fashion Week comes around we patiently sit behind out computers as we admire designers and their masterpieces that leave us drooling. We also applaud models for, well, being so beautiful. But many times we forget to appreciate the people who put everything together to create fashion shows. As part of the production team at this year’s Fashion Show at Marist, this Fashionsita has definitely seen the ins and outs of creating a show. During showtime she wears all black, so it is really in the streets of New York where she partakes in her own runway event. Her polka-dot pants are the main attraction in this night’s show, They’re followed up by some statement jewellery and a pair of gladiator heels to close the act!

Name: Kirsten Vogt

Role: Wardrobe Coordinator

CollegeFashionista: In order to successfully execute a fashion show, it takes numerous people and job positions. Out of all the positions, why did you choose production?

Kirsten Vogt: I chose productions because it’s my strong suit. I get a rush from the chaos that backstage brings. I would rather be in the circle of people that execute the show. So much is at stake and I am responsible for making sure that nothing gets messed up. Big risk equals big reward.

CF: How did you get interested in production?

KV: My dad’s job is being a set dresser so I grew up on sets. I got to see productions first hand and admire the creativity and the power of where the inspiration first came from. I wanted to be useful and I know that production is one of the most useful parts of the show. It’s a challenge that I really enjoy, creatively and business wise.

CF: What advise would you give to somebody who is going to be a part of a fashion show for the first time?

KV: Choose your team wisely. Everything else you can change or work on. You need someone whom you can trust, who has skills that you don’t and who you can successfully work with. It’s nice to know you are working with someone that has your back.

CF: What trend are you looking forward to the most this summer?

KV: I’m really excited about leather laser cutouts this summer. I find myself drawn to the architecture of clothing a lot. A simple square cut out can be so intricate. Adding some leather to your outfit is an easy way to create a sexy/sophisticated look.

Learn More: Kirsten will be graduating this upcoming December from Marist. Although her managerial skills won’t be in the school’s fashion club next year, you can guarantee she will be doing some magic backstage elsewhere!


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