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For most of us early 1990s babies, we typically grew up excited to receive a new box of crayons, color pencils or chalk, and draw so creatively with our young minds during our free time. Sadly, as we all grow older, most of that excitement dies down. Kim Cai, on the other hand, continues her love and motivation for art, and developed her own style unique to herself. She may not be majoring in art, but it definitely does not stop her from pursing it on paper and on herself.

Name: Kim Cai

Role: College Student in the Art Club 

CollegeFashionista: What got you started in pursuing art as a hobby?

Kim Cai: Honestly, I started because I was bored. When we were children, we didn’t use laptops and smartphones, so I took a pencil and paper and just started drawing.

CF: How do you relate fashion to art?

KC: They’re conceptually the same, like it’s all about choosing what you want. We each have our own style, both in art and in fashion.

CF: Where do you get your inspiration in “choosing what you want?”

KC: I usually like to look at stuff from Instagram and Tumblr and find pieces that reflect myself. Except, what I did to my hair was not inspired from those social medias; it was honestly a happy accident. It was not the hair color I was going for, but it accidentally turned out better than my other hair trials!

CF: Lastly, how would you describe your style to be?

KC: I think we are all unique, so it’s hard to describe exactly what my style is. I guess it’s a bit girly or a bit punk-ish, or maybe a mix of both. I like pretty floral dresses and combining them with more obscene pieces, like my crop top, and tying it together with statement accessories, such as my beanie or my denim backpack that I’m carrying.

Learn More: Just as Kim loves looking at art and fashion on Instagram and Tumblr, she loves sharing some favorites on hers! Get to know her by checking out her Tumblr and Instagram here.


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