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Many Fashionistas/os dream of landing jobs on either the East or West Coast in order to pursue their fashion careers. Aspiring journalists, designers and artists move out this way in order to fully immerse themselves in a completely different culture and setting. Although New York and California are on opposite ends of the country, they are both so remarkably connected to one another with all things fashion related. I came across Kelsy Ralph, a Journalism student at Butler University, who has landed a fabulous summer internship with a PR company in California.

Name: Kelsy Ralph

Role: Intern at Post+Beam

CollegeFashionista: How did you get interested in fashion?

Kelsy Ralph: I have been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. I remember feeling especially fashionable when I was four years old and shopping in Chicago at Bloomingdale’s with my aunt and wearing pink jelly shoes

CF: What’s your favorite part about interning at Post+Beam?

KR: My favorite part of interning at Post+Beam is being in LA and always having something to do and someone to see. Plus we work with a lot of celebrity stylists and send samples to stars like JLo, Beyonce´  and Lady Gaga.

CF: What is your typical work day outfit?

KR: Our dress code is “casual chic” so that leaves a lot of room for fashion creativity. My favorite outfit is a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans, a fashionable tee and heels.

CF: How has this internship affected your future career choice?

KR: My major is journalism, so I’ve always known I wanted to write. Having an internship in PR combines my loves of writing, fashion and talking. In PR you have to be able to talk to anyone and everyone and really be personable and knowledgeable about all of our brands. I’m thankful for this internship because it’s really opened my eyes and solidified my future career path for me. I love it!

Learn More: Kelsy Ralph will be graduating from Butler University this spring with the hopes of making a more permanent move to either California or New York to officially start her career! She hopes to one day work for a magazine like Seventeen or Glamour.


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