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Have you ever seen graceful dancers glide across a stage in beautifully-crafted costumes? As we sit in awe admiring the exquisite movements of the dancers, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how the dancers’ outfits may affect their performance. Although the ensembles may be stunning to look at, they might be quite troublesome to wear. I met up with a Columbia College Chicago student who is in the process of starting her own dancewear line that offers chic, flexible and affordable dance clothes.

Name: Jordan Brown

Role: Student Designer

CollegeFashionista: What are you studying in school right now?

Jordan Brown: I’m studying Arts Management with a minor in Fashion at Columbia College Chicago. I’m really up in the air with what direction I want to go career-wise, but right now I’m really focused on getting out this dancewear line. We are still undecided on the name for the line, but it’s a collaboration of ideas between my mom, two sisters and I. I also currently have an internship in the production department of the Joffrey Ballet, which I love. I’m excited to see where my internship and launching my dancewear line will take me!

CF: How has being a dancer and dance teacher affected this clothing line?

JB: Because I have been a dancer and because I teach dance, I know not only about the style aspect but how the material needs to be for the clothes. I know how form and function go together. There has to be availability of movement for the dancer. You can’t just throw some sequins on a dance bra; you have to think of fabrics and what’s breathable for the dancer. 

CF: Who or what inspired you to pursue this route? 

JB: My two main passions in life have always been dance and fashion. I always was torn between the two, so I thought by doing this line that I could combine the two things I’m really passionate about. Being a part of the dance world my whole life has inspired me to take on this endeavor. It really is a huge market and I want to take advantage of it! 

CF: How do you plan on promoting your dancewear line?

JB: My younger sister, Kennedy, has a huge following on social media because of her success in the dance world and people always want her dancewear outfits. Our studio, Eclipse, has been recognized nationally not only on the competition circuit, but by national television networks. We will be starring on an episode of a “Dance Moms” spin off-show on Lifetime this summer, so I want to use national TV to advertise as well. We will start selling our line at our studio this summer and then online this holiday seasonal at our homepage and our Instagram

Learn More: Jordan will be continuing on at Columbia College Chicago this fall as a junior. Be sure to keep an eye out for her fabulous dancewear through her mother’s phenomenal studio, Eclipse Performing Arts!


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