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Around Town

Nothing could be better than a girl who has all her responsibilities in order and looks flawless while maintaining them. Jimesa Coxey is exactly that. Hailing from Riverside, California, this evening, she heads toward Santa Monica for a friend’s birthday dinner. In her free time, away from summer Psychology classes and her on-campus internship, she styles outfits for friends and family.

Name: Jimesa Coxey

Role: Student Stylist

CollegeFashionista: Tell me what you’re wearing tonight, because you look absolutely stunning!

Jimesa Coxey: So, the pleated pants are actually a vintage throwback courtesy of my mom’s closet. The crop top I paired them with is Forever 21. I can’t even remember where the shoes are from, though. But I knew I wanted to wear gold shoes and gold accessories with this outfit. 

CF: That’s awesome! So, please fill me in a little bit more about what you’re doing this summer.

 JC: I took Personality Psychology last month. This month I’m taking Counseling Theory and Techniques and in July I’ll be taking a Spanish class. I’m also interning for the Office of Intercultural Affairs and enjoying Los Angeles. 

CF: So, what are some of your outside interests?

JC: I’m really passionate about dance and I love doing hair, nails, makeup and styling. I also love travel, and it’s something I wish I could do more of.

CF: I completely understand. Finally, what are some trends you’ll be looking forward to this summer?

JC: I love loose and flowy shorts right now and I’ve been dying to get a kimono jacket. I feel like those are a huge trend right now. I think flowy and bohemian printed pants are also a popular trend that I love. Those pants paired with a simple crop top will be a strong summer trend.

Learn More: Jimesa will be completing her senior year this year at Pepperdine University. Although her styling interests are local, keep an eye out for her trend forecast. She won’t be wrong.


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