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Internships. In one way or another they seem to have become a summer fad for many college students. Whether working for an investment bank, a fashion magazine or a non-profit organization, students devote months to planning and preparing in hopes of landing the perfect one. Some of us know better than others that the process of finding an internship is not always pleasant. But after all of the long hours of preparation and waiting subside, and the first day arrives, it all seems worth it. Jill, a rising senior at Indiana University, can attest. She decided on an internship with Macy’s after interviewing with multiple other corporations before making her final decision.

Name: Jill Eifrid

Role: Intern, Macy’s

CollegeFashionista: What drew you to an internship at Macy’s?

Jill Eifrid: I previously had an internship at a small company, and while I learned a lot there it was not the direction I wanted to go in. Instead, I learned I wanted to be somewhere that was well known and where everyone looked to. Macy’s is definitely a company that people see and follow their trends. It has an ideal business model that has lasted over time. Also, I knew that I wanted the reassurance that I was at a company that knows what they are doing and will remain innovative so that people will continue following them. As a department store, there are a lot of different options. Working for Macy’s I knew there would be room to grow.

CF: What is a typical day like as an intern?

JE: Well, I get to take the subway. Lucky me! At the office my day begins by reporting to three different people above me: a planner, an associate and an assistant. Between the three of them they keep me pretty busy. Specifically, I work in the men’s furnishings department. As a planning intern, I get to help with different projects and go to vendor meetings. There is a lot of analyzation, sales and excel work involved in each day, but I really like it.

CF: What do you like best about interning at Macy’s?

JE: One thing I really like is that everyone is really excited to teach us about the business. No one has ever made me feel bad if I do not know something or if I don’t understand. They don’t expect me to know everything. Working at Macy’s is definitely a learning experience instead of just busy work.

CF: Do you have any advice for future interns?

JE: Apply for everything. Interview for everything. You are not going to get experience unless you try that way. Some of my hardest interviews ended up preparing me for my interview with Macy’s.

Learn More: As an intern in New York City, Jill tries to keep her look balanced. With long hours on her feet and the inevitable summer heat, she sticks to lighter clothing and comfortable shoes.


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