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With the preponderance of celebrities sharing their daily activities on social media combined with the public’s insatiable desire to access those quirky facts about their favorite celebs, celebrity status has become so much more than just the industry day job. For example, top models are actively redefining “the model off duty” with their carefully studied street style. How exactly does Cara Delevingne get her eyebrow game to always be so on point? Where did Karlie Kloss get her collection of stacked gold rings? The new trend is discovering the ins and outs of what makes these models so intriguing beyond the runway.

Jessica Valentine, an aspiring model, holds true that the personality behind the photograph is what makes a lasting impression upon an audience. A fully raw vegan, talented singer, jewelry designer and a bohemian Fashionista, Jessica is that cool girl we all want to know a bit better. Her street style consisting of a daisy crochet maxi dress, Jeffrey Campbell lace-up booties and personalized heart rings that allude to her romantic middle name strike as much attention as her enviable height.

Name: Jessica Valentine

Role: Model

CollegeFashionista: What do you think is the most important aspect behind a great photo?

Jessica Valentine: The most important thing is the feeling a viewer gets when seeing a photo. The photo should capture the emotion of the model. The emotion should be natural and something to be proud of.

CF: Who has inspired you most to pursue modeling?

JV: I met Janice Dickinson and she asked me if I was a model. I told her I wasn’t and she told me that I should be. I have always loved fashion as well. When you wear something it can change how you feel. I love how an outfit can make you feel like you can do anything.

CF: Describe your dream photo shoot. 

JV: My dream photo shoot would be underwater. I would be a mermaid, the queen of the sea. I would specifically want a red tail and starfish jewelry.

Learn More: Check out Jessica’s Swarovski creations on her Etsy page and request a custom design that will add some shine to your style.


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