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Designers come in all forms of art mediums, professions and aesthetics. From the chaotic beauty in fashion to the mysterious world of painting, design surrounds our daily lifestyle. It consumes everything we see, touch and sometimes even alters the way we feel. Today, we can use the power of the computer to transform objects into something you could only vision in a dream. I was able to pick the brain of an Atlanta graphic designer and Fashionisto to discuss some of the fascinating aspects of working in an industry that is so diverse and vital to all areas of our entertainment and lifestyle.

Name: Jacob Morris

Role: Graphic Designer

CollegeFashionista: What are some interests that inspired you to pursue a career in design?

Jacob Morris: That’s a tough one. I always felt that I was really skilled in seeing a product from multiple perspectives, which allowed me to become a great salesman. Working in advertising allows me to do both selling and designing.

CF: Although you focus mostly on creating logos and advertisements for private companies, how do you use your skill of design when making fashion decisions?

JM: I keep it simple and to the point. I prefer well-fitting jeans with a dress shirt for work days. I do like to add some flare by wearing a watch that stands out with a sharp design and maybe even one in a contrasting color.

CF: Have you ever thought about expanding your design portfolio by working with fashion designers to create T-shirts or even editorial products like magazines?

JM: I actually have some experience working with T-shirt design. Recently, I have designed shirts for my own family’s company and a remodeling agency commissioned a logo that will also be printed on jackets, hats and T-shirts throughout Atlanta. So that’s been pretty exciting for business. 

Learn More: Jacob is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia where he currently does freelance work.


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