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Fashionistas/os are always trying to be innovative and unique when it comes down to their work. The goal is to produce something that has never been done before, but in a way that will make others want to replicate it. I came across Jack McCusker, who not only has an impeccable sense of style, but who is also incredibly talented when it comes down to his art and photography skills. He has produced numerous, award winning pieces thus far in his career and is continuing to take the art world by storm. I spoke more with this Fashionisto to find out where he gets his inspiration from.

Name: Jack McCusker

Role: Visual Communications Major

CollegeFashionista: What does fashion mean to you?

Jack McCusker: To me, fashion means the way you and others present themselves to the world. Fashion can be more than just clothing because you do things in a certain fashion, and you create things in a certain fashion. Whatever that fashion may be is what you present to others. Good fashion is presented and perceived well by others.

CF: How would you describe your style?

JM: I dress mostly preppy and classic with blocked colors, some pattern and always texture. Although, sometimes I dress more urban and follow hot trends. I work at J.Crew so a lot of what I wear revolves around that classic style. When I’m not at work or school and I’m out with friends, I have a little bit more freedom with my style and can dress more contemporary. A big thing with J.Crew style is to show layers. I usually try to have a third piece in most of my outfits so that I can stray away from ordinary ensembles. 

CF: Where do you draw your inspiration from in your artwork?

JM: The world around me, as well as my ideas and imagination. Also, from the past and other artists’ works. Most of the time I don’t plan my artwork; it’s more spontaneous. I like having a sketchbook to organize some of my spontaneity and ideas, and I typically lay out a blue print of my studio pieces before I create them. For the studio piece I did on West African masquerade costumes, I drew inspiration from a photographer who goes to remote places. She takes pictures of costumes that the people of this religion make. I took a different approach and made my own costume with recycled materials and photographed it for a more fashionable spin on the idea.

CF: How has fashion affected your artwork and future career choice?

JM: I enjoy fashion and making things look good stylistically whether it be through clothing, art or anything in general. I feel like it would be something I would enjoy doing as a career regardless as to what artistic field it may be in. 

Learn More: Jack McCusker will be furthering his education at Loyola University Chicago in the fall. He hopes to land a job and live in Chicago when he finishes school.


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