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As a connoisseur of fashion and beautiful things in general, I love stores that capture that essence. A lot of boutiques perfectly merge both fashion and lifestyle into a one stop shop. On my tour of Atlanta, in search of a cool boutique to check out, I found Inman Dry Goods nestled in one of the most artsy and creative neighborhoods of Atlanta. This boutique caters to the free-spirited chick that spends her summers in frilly frocks, bohemian scarves and a laid back fedora to top it off.

Name: Santi Deshnad

Role: Owner at Inman Dry Goods

CollegeFashionista: What makes Inman Dry Goods so unique?

Santi Deshnad: We focus on customer service, that is one of the main things and that is why we went with the old school name “Dry Goods.” We totally cater to our customer and the neighborhood that we are in. You have a lot of bohemian artsy women here. There’s a co-op school across the street so there’s a bunch of kids so I try to cater to them too. A little bit of everything for anyone from the age of five up to like 70. 

CF: How would you describe the typical Inman Dry Goods customer?

SD: What I’ve noticed lately the customer is very laid back, very artsy, very free, earthy and flowy. We don’t really have that much club scene in here, it’s more like the laid back earthy chick I would say. 

CF: What are some trends you are looking forward to this season?

SD: I love the whole high-waisted bell-bottom thing, you know. It’s like a lot of people are like “Oh my God I’m not going back into those days” but I love it, I think it’s great. I’m still about oversized shirts and tunics. Also, I just love fun leggings. I’m pretty much into comfy stuff. 

CF: What is your favorite item in the store?

SD: The Mavi Alexa skinny denim is probably the best jean I’ve ever come across. I used to buy like very high end denim, which I loved. However, Mavi has this thing that where when they stretch and they don’t sag. They don’t give you the saggy booty and they hold their shape always. It’s the number one seller. Anyone who puts a pair on walks out the store in them. 

CF: How do you think Inman Dry Goods fits in the Atlanta/Southern vibe?

SD: We’re super Southern. Most of our customers are super Southern, they’ve been living here in the neighborhood for like 30-40 years. It’s the Southern chick, the hippy. The gifts, the cards, the home stuff and just the laid back-ness. 

Learn More: If you think your wardrobe needs a little ounce of cool don’t be afraid to explore Inman Dry Goods located at 743 Edgewood Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30307 or call at (404)-963-1935!


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