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It’s always nice when a new boutique pops up in Gainesville. Finding unique pieces from smaller labels is a must for a fashion-forward girl going to the University of Florida, and Henri Girl is the perfect place to do so. The store is barely a year old and tucked into one of the newest buildings in Gainesville. The shop sells feminine, trendy pieces for the girl who likes to go to brunch to a day of shopping followed by a fun girl’s night out. And who doesn’t like the sound of that, right? If high-waisted shorts, crop tops, flirty accessories or fun kimonos are your style, then Henri Girl is the place for you.

Name: Alix Kissinger

Role: Manager

CollegeFashionista: When did the Henri Girl Boutique open in Gainesville?

Alix Kissinger: We opened in March of last year.

CF: Is Henri Girl an original boutique or is it a chain? 

AK: There’s two stores. One here in Gainesville and one in Tallahassee. There will be one opening up in Orlando next year. 

CF: How would you describe the girl you’re trying to sell to?

AK: We do get a lot of sorority girls, but also some high school girls as well girls who are out of college. In general though, the age range is mostly probably between 18 and 24.

CF: What do you think is the best part of the store?

AK: The diversity. There’s so many different styles to choose from and ways to put different things together. The price range is pretty good, too. We don’t really have things over $100, and there’s a always good amount of pieces you can find at any point in a price range. 

Learn More: Want to find some perfect, flirty pieces for a night out or a day at the beach? Henri Girl has a little bit of everything, and you can visit the store at 1800 W University Ave.


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