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As a new resident of New York City, I have recently found myself roaming the streets, aimlessly searching for restaurants to taste or boutiques to browse. Today, while walking through Gramercy, I was pleasantly surprised by this shop overlooking the street. The flashy lights and a sign in the window reading, “Shop the happiest little boutique in NYC!” seemed to be calling me to take a peek inside. Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, designer Diana Warner is the owner and founder of the Diana Warner New York store. Decorated with beautiful handmade jewelry, flowy, patterned tops, long dresses and shoes prided on their lasting comfort, the Diana Warner store transports guests into an alternative environment of nature and tranquility.

Name: Cameron Thornton

Role: Intern, Diana Warner New York

CollegeFashionista: What makes The Diana Warner New York store different from other boutiques in the area?

Cameron Thornton: The store has a southern charm to it and is also a little whimsical. Diana aims for the store to embody a really friendly, welcoming and relaxed environment. All of the jewelry is handmade in the back of the store, which is quite different from most other places. There are all sorts of customizable pieces to choose from such as initial and Greek charms

CF: Does Diana Warner have any new designs coming out this summer?

CT: Yes, there is a new summer necklace collection called Summer Rocks.

CF: Has Diana designed any other items in her stores other than her jewelry?

CT: Yes. In addition to her jewelry line, Diana has designed a shoe and purse line. 

Learn More: Escape the hustle of bustle of the city life at Diana Warner New York, located at 42 East 21st Street in New York City. Recently, Diana Warner opened a new store at The Gallery Shopping Center, 7240 Kingston Pike, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Additionally, Diana’s collections can also be viewed and purchased on her website.


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