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Today, young ambitious designers seem to take on various social medias to get the word out for their line or brand. Being a fresh, new clothing line can have its obstacles. Figuring out how to gain a following, using the perfect outlets and designing trends that will appeal to fashion followers, but staying true to your own taste can be tricky. However, Brandon Cook, Founder and Graphic Designer for Dead Sleep Clothing, does not seem to flinch while expanding his new clothing line. Dead Sleep Clothing is an independent clothing brand located outside of Dayton, Ohio. I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking to Cook about his line and what is in store.

Name: Brandon Cook

Role: Founder/Graphic Designer for Dead Sleep Clothing

CollegeFashionista: How did the concept for Dead Sleep Clothing come about?

Brandon Cook: Dead Sleep Clothing came about with my interest in different takes on religion. I find it intriguing on wrapping my mind around something I personally believe. The name “Dead Sleep” refers to a deep stage of meditation as well as how sometimes individuals are not aware of what goes on outside of their “comfort shell.”

CF: Does your taste influence the overall look of Dead Sleep Clothing?

BC: The overall look is definitely my preference and taste. My designs have more of a look into Eastern spiritual religion. I’ve stuck to a color scheme of black, gold and gray. I like a darker, trendy, street style type look. I am also interested in bringing back a ’90s grunge feel, too. I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories and cults. There is a lot of symbolism in my designs.

CF: What other trends and items would you like to incorporate in products for Dead Sleep Clothing?

BC: It would be rad to incorporate accessories like wallets, sunglasses, snapbacks and backpacks. It is a matter of which companies are willing to make smaller orders of my items as opposed to large. I would like to keep it local because I had a bad experience using production overseas and it can be expensive. I would love to work with other local artists and designers. Most of my tags are handmade and I would like to stay as handmade as possible. I want customers to feel free to reconstruct my clothing. My motto is, “Wear as thou wilt,” meaning, “Wear what you want.”

CF: What can we expect in the future for Dead Sleep Clothing?

BC: I’ve been playing around with different fabrics. I eventually want to get away from screen-printed shirts and come out with button-up shirts. I would love to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about women’s apparel. I am looking into opening brick and mortar stores in locations such as Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.

Learn More: To help trend Dead Sleep Clothing, visit their Twitter, Instagram, Lookbook and Facebook.


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