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The name of this boutique could not describe it more perfectly. Darling, recently revamped and furnished with modern, vintage décor, gleams glamour and femininity. Whether you are looking for some bright accent pieces for your favorite little black dress or the perfect outfit for a summer outing, Darling’s has skirts, tops, dresses and accessories of all sorts to offer. Styles vary from newly added, higher-end lines to locally designed pieces, like Raquelle line designed by one of Darling’s owners, Raquelle Stiefler.

Name: Donna Baxter and Raquelle Stiefler
Role: Owners, Darling

CollegeFashionista: From what I understand, your shop just recently reopened. What did you change during the renovation?

Donna Baxter and Raquelle Stiefler: Well, we redid a lot of the interior such as the floor painting and the furniture. We updated everything a little bit. We also got in a lot of new lines, but we still kept our favorites and the overall style of the store. One thing we changed, however, is that we brought in a few more higher end lines.

CF: What is your favorite style of dress to sell customers?

DB: We have a couple of amazing dresses that fit a bunch of different body shapes. There are two. One is Raquelle’s line and it is the party dress, and there is also the Karina line that also fits many different body types.

CF: What is your favorite color dress to sell to customers?

DB and RS: We specialize in the little black dress and black jumpsuits, but we love really fun prints too.

CF: What is the dress to have this summer?

DB and RS: Our dress. We have a Darling line that we are designing for the store, so we made a Darling party dress. It will be in a couple of different colors and fabrics. It is perfect!

Learn More: See for yourself just how darling Darling’s is by visiting their store located at 1 Horatio Street, New York, NY 10014.  


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