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How many of us get the idea to start our own clothing line? How many of us put that idea on the back burner due to complications? I am guilty of both of these actions — yeah, my clothing line is still on the drawing board. There was word going around that there were two 17-year-old high school students that had a clothing line up and running! Blake Bocchino and Zach Toney are the founders of the clothing line Clear Series. They focus on comfort, quality and style with their premium bamboo clothes. I was so interested in their story that I had to write my first post about them. I was thrilled to get in touch with Blake and get a clear picture on Clear Series.

Name: Blake Bocchino

Role: Founder of Clear Series

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to start a clothing line?

Blake Bocchino: We wanted to create clothing that would eclipse other companies’ casual clothes by providing our customers with a unique style, high quality fabric: bamboo.

CF: Why did you chose bamboo over other fabrics?

BB: Bamboo has amazing qualities from the plant to the cloth that make it unrivaled. Silky soft, antibacterial (odor resistant) and eco-friendly. Just to name a few.

CF: Working with your friends can be a bit tough. Do you and Zach ever bump heads?

BB: Of course! It’s the “two heads are better than one” advantage to me though. We give each other ideas and shoot them down or expand on them. We have a level of business but also possess a bond of friendship.

CF: What are some of your favorite clothing lines to shop?

BB: Since we looked to Ralph Lauren for inspiration, I’ll go with Polo. Ralph Lifshitz made his brand an icon by offering great clothing and that’s exactly what our aim is.

CF: Do you hope to see your clothes in stores one day or keep it online?

BB: I think we’ll figure that out as time progresses and we need to adapt or change to our environment. For now, we’ll stay on the online marketplace, offering bamboo to any and all!

Learn More: Blake and Zach will be seniors next year and plan to expand the Clear Series line. Check out all of their current merchandise and their story on the website.


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