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Charlotte Jones has mastered the art of design and delegation. Jones, whose pre-collegiate accolades included designing her own clothes and taking fashion design classes at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, moved her famed Silicon footprint to St. Louis, Missouri and with it, her dazzling wardrobe and knack for a sewing machine. Here, she tells CollegeFashionista about her most fashionable undertaking of late: the role of Editor for her university’s fashion magazine, Armour.

Name: Charlotte Jones

Role: Editor of Armour Magazine at Washington University in St. Louis

CollegeFashionista: Tell us about your role at Armour.

Charlotte Jones: My official title is “Editor” of Armour. I work underneath two editors-in-chief, but the lines blur, because once you become on a level of oversight, then you really have full access to all parts of the magazine — the brainstorming, curating, styling, shoots, layout, editing and the illustrations. We have different sections — A Director of Layout (normally a Communication Design major in the Art School) — but the majors of other staffers are very much across the board, which brings a breadth of interests and skills to the magazine.

CF: What advice do you have for any college students striving to get involved in their fashion publication on campus?

CJ: From my own experience, I kind of just dove into the Editor role second semester of my freshman year. Campus publications should be completely flat in terms of publication and legitimacy of their ideas — everyone’s ideas are valuable and they could all end up being the cover spread of the magazine. My advice is to be able to jump in without conforming to the aesthetic precedent set already — the most exciting thing is that you have the power to alter that aesthetic, to incorporate your own ideas. So I think embracing your ideas and knowing you can make an imprint on the publication already existing is important. And for people who are on the leadership side, it’s important to make people feel like they can come forth with these ideas.

CF: What’s been the best part about being an editor?

CJ: The best part is learning more technical skills, in terms of InDesign and being able to see the whole process. I’ve previously taken fashion classes — and now I get to come to the brainstorm, be there step-by-step and see the finished product, to say, “ I chose that font” or “That’s my necklace on that girl.” Knowing that all this work went into it and that it’s cohesive is awesome.

CF: What are your future goals for Armour?

CJ: I love browsing and seeing all of these different ranges of aesthetics for these magazines. I’ve encountered again and again that I’m leaning towards magazines that incorporate textures and feels. And the trajectory I want not only Armour, but all college magazines to go on, is to dig into deeper implications of fashion; I want them to not only say, ‘Oh, leather is in this season,’ but to say, ‘Oh, but where does that leather come from?’, to go into deeper issues in fashion — to critique it. Students have the opportunity to rebuild fashion’s infamy through digging deeper into the harder messages of what fashion is.

Learn More: Click here to check out the latest issue of Armour; Click here to check our Armour’s website, or visit their Facebook page here.


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