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Summer time and the livin’s easy. Cue the sun, iced coffee and John Mayer acoustics. For some of us, however, summer isn’t always filled with lazy, hazy days. My summer has been a delicate balance of work and play, with some schoolwork on the side too. One day while I was completely “captivated” in my math summer class (because who doesn’t love sitting in a hot room during the summer with endless math equations), I couldn’t help but look at the arm candy on the girl in front of me. I just had to ask her where she got her unique accessories, and it turns out she designs and creates her own! After class, I caught up with maxi-dressed Carly to ask her all about her customized jewelry line.

Name: Carly Gallante

Role: Owner, Entrepreneur, Jewelry Designer, CarlyJadeNY

CollegeFashionista: These accessories are unlike anything I’ve seen before. How would you describe your line?

Carly Gallante: CarlyJadeNY creates themed inspirational, photographed charm bracelets and necklaces using the customer’s photos or my own. They are each enclosed with an inspirational quote and an evil eye to ensure good vibes. 

CF: What is your favorite piece of jewelry you created and why?

CG: The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Love Story bracelet is my favorite. It takes scene stills from the classic movie to showcase a progression of the love story throughout the film. The bracelet encloses with a quotable charm that says “Love Life, Live Life” on one side and “Follow Your Dreams” on the other side. It is topped off with a blue evil eye to always bring positivity while warding off negativity.  

CF: You tend to have a signature design to your bracelets. Please elaborate on this.

CG: Each piece has an evil eye and quotable charm of inspiration that completes the theme of the piece. In moments of daily stress, these pieces of jewelry are a reminder of how wonderful life is. At CarlyJadeNY, I create positive impact accessories!

CF: What is next for CarlyJadeNY?

CG: Next, I plan to make the move into stores in the Westchester County area along with New York City!

Learn More: All items of jewelry are original and handcrafted by Carly. Purchasing can be made on the Etsy website by searching CarlyJadeNY in the search tab. Custom jewelry is also available. I took up this offer and requested a custom bracelet for my mother with pictures of us. It came out beautiful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these pieces! For inquiries on customization for a sentimental gift or simply for yourself, contact Carly via email at Coming soon, CarlyJadeNY will be sold at various boutiques in the Westchester County area, including Rye Brook and Scarsdale. Don’t miss your chance to be the first to sport CarlyJadeNY!


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