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Local fashion designer Calle Evans may be fresh out of college, but has had tons of experience in the fashion world. This spring, Evans graduated from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati. Evans has worked for companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Althea Harper, LaSenza of Limited Brands and has even worked for high-end designer Marchesa. To add to an amazing fashion resume, Evans even traveled to Paris, France, where she studied embroidery at Ecole Lesage, which is owned by Chanel. I was lucky enough to catch up with Evans to ask about her past experiences, what she is doing currently and what the future holds.

Name: Calle Evans

Role: Fashion Designer

CollegeFashionista: First things first. How did you figure out that you wanted to pursue a career in Fashion Design?

Calle Evans: When I was younger, my aunt designed handbags, so I became interested in design and all things creative. I was sketching at a young age, sewing in 4-H and always altering clothing the way I wanted it. I started in Graphic Design, but realized I hated working with computers. I needed to be hands on and working with materials constantly. I pursued Fashion Design and it all went from there.

CF: You just presented your autumn/winter 2014 collection Le Jeune Martyr. What ultimately inspired you? What was the process of designing a collection like?

CE: My inspiration started almost two years ago. I read a book titled Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg. The opening scene is of a woman who is found dead in a bathtub. The imagery was very powerful: the woman’s wrists are slit, and her blood is congealed in the water. While studying in Paris, I went to The Louvre and saw the painting Le Jeune Martyre by Paul Delaroche. It brought the words into visual. I wanted to convey a dark romantic mood with formal wear pieces. I envisioned a collection more structured from lighter pieces into darker pieces that were a looser fit and flowing off the body.

CF: What are your plans for your brand and future designs?

CE: I have a found a love for finer details, like embellishments. I believe it is a craft that has been forgotten and not as recognized. Moving forward, I would love to have my own brand. I learned a lot with Althea Harper and working by her side made me want to be an entrepreneur.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends currently?

CE: Right now, I love 3-D floral. I’m obsessing over it! I loved everything worn at the Met Gala, too. I love the volume featured in recent collections. I’m drawn to historical accents.

Learn More: To take a look at more of Evans’s designs and to follow her journey, visit Calle Evans’s website.


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