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During my childhood, I was one of those small Asian girls with a typical bowl hairstyle, cut by my mom when I was young. As I grew older, I visited many different hair salons, but I was never 100% satisfied with my haircut because I felt that some hairstylists gave me haircuts and trends that did not match my own style. It was not until I walked into Beautiful Life Salon during my high school years that I have learned so much about my hair. Ever since my first experience getting my hair done there, I was always happy and satisfied with Linda Lin, one of the hairstylists there at Beautiful Life Salon, and I have continuously gone there to get my hair done. This week, I am very excited to introduce Linda Lin to everyone, and share our hair’s presence in today’s fashion!

Name: Linda Lin

Role: Professional Hairdresser/Hairstylist at Beautiful Life Salon

CollegeFashionista: What got you started on cutting hair professionally? How long have you been cutting hair?

Linda Lin: I attended beauty school in Taiwan for five years, and had experience doing wedding services in Taiwan for a while. I originally came to the United States for my MBA, but during my stay here, I was doing a wedding service for a client of Beautiful Life Salon’s owner, Pike Chen. He really liked the way I did her hair, so he asked if I wanted to work here at Beautiful Life Salon. I’ve been here for about ten years since then.

CF: In your opinion, how is hair a large part of fashion in expressing one’s style?

LL: First, I want to understand the customer’s lifestyle, then I would try to do their hair in a way that is beneficial and matching for the client while mixing with today’s trends. For example, if a male client is a student or an office worker, I want to try to cut their hair to suit their needs while matching it to today’s hair trend that would not be too crazy for their style. Everyone’s hair style would depend on their face type and body size too.

CF: What is your favorite hair trend for the summer of 2014?

LL: Coloring natural-toned hair with a hints of colorful summer looks, such as pink or purple hair! Other shades of their natural-toned hair color is a great trend too. I think hair length depends on the person’s body or face, so I do not have a favorite hair length trend.

CF: What is a summer hair product that you love suggesting to many of your customers?

LL: So many customers have good-looking hair, but it won’t look as good if you do not try to care for it! To those who color their hair, I would suggest the right shampoo, conditioner, and UV product to maintain their color and health. If someone has fizzy hair for the summer, always use a hair mask to care for your hair. Under the sun, hair gets dry and damaged, so you got to care for it more during the summer than winter.

Learn More: Find Linda and these amazing hair products at Beautiful Life Salon, located at 311 N. Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850, and learn more about your own hair! Check out their website for more information.


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