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A boutique with enchanting birdhouses spattering its walls is nestled in the San Gabriel Valley foothills. Attitude| contributes to the attraction of a picturesque town by keeping its featured designers local and its display of apparel premised around the ceaseless beauty of trees. Striped blouses and flared denim are paired together under each shelf of handbags that would match well with the combinations of outfits. The handbags themselves, however, are enough to draw any Fashionista into the boutique. Marvin Dieguez, both the owner of Attitude| and the creator of the polished and functional bags, says that those interested in his designs call from across the country in order to hopefully get their arms around his buttery soft and buckled handiwork.

I love the range in styles of his handbags—from satchels to totes; each one capable of fitting perfectly with the various needs and tastes of customers. No matter the case, you are guaranteed a timeless appeal due to the passion that is inbuilt into each creation.

Name: Marvin Dieguez

Role: Owner/Designer

CollegeFashionista: How long have you been interested in fashion?

Marvin Dieguez: I’ve been in the industry for 20 years. I worked for a big company and learned from scratch how to be a manager.

CF: How did you learn to create such beautiful handbags?

MD: My dad used to create handbags as well as belts and leather cuffs. I learned from him.

CF: Do you imagine expanding your handbag line or possibly creating other accessories in the future?  

MD: I would try selling online. I used to sell to Fred Segal 15 years ago. I sold to Jennifer Kaufmann as well.

Learn More: You can’t help but notice Attitude| on the corner of 90 West Sierra Madre Boulevard, Sierra Madre, California.


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