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You know those people who put on anything and it’s instantly transformed into something stylish and unbelievably cool. Well, meet Ana Stulic: fashion designer and style connoisseur. Often recognized by her ’80s style, long hair and indie attitude, this fashion designer draws intrigue that leaves everyone she meets wanting more. With the recent opening of her instantly successful studio, Chelsea Studios, Ana is marking her territory in the fashion world one unique design at a time.

Name: Ana Stulic

Role: Fashion Designer

CollegeFashionista: One word to describe your clothing line?

Ana Stulic: Mortal.

CollegeFashionista: What is your favourite style era?

Ana Stulic: Lately I’ve been inspired by some raunchy ’80s stuff. I would of loved to experience New York in the ’80s.

CF: What is one piece you could not live without?

AS: My Chelsea boots. I have like eight pairs in different styles, from black to metallic gold.

CF: Is it true that you recently opened a studio space?

AS: Yes, Chelsea Studios an Art and Fashion studio which I share with my boyfriend who is an artist. After working for other labels I decided to return to Windsor, my hometown and create my own brand. The studio has been a great spot for me to work on my creations and be productive.

CF: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

AS: It is important to learn the business side of fashion. Gain knowledge of sales, learning how to work with manufacturers, knowing order quantities and advertising your brand are all very important. A lot of designers focus more on the creative end where it needs to be half and half.

Learn More: Ana Stulic is currently working on a new website where an online store will be available for customers to shop on. You can also follow Ana on the Chelsea Studios Facebook page where Ana will post all upcoming shows and events.


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