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In this day and age where the job market isn’t at its prime, too many students are forced to choose between their dreams and a stable income. A recent college graduate, today’s designer and entrepreneur decided not only to have her cake, but to eat it, too; Amanda Sowah has proven that there’s no need to give up your personal goals or your academic goals. Through diligence and hard work, you can make both a reality.

Name: Amanda Sowah

Role: Designer and Owner of The M’ankära Shop

CollegeFashionista: Have you always loved fashion? If not, what drew you to it?

Amanda Sowah: I have. Especially when I was growing up and did not always have the means of getting what I always wanted. I had to learn new ways to keep up with style. I love how open to interpretation fashion can be. It’s a visual and interactive art. You don’t just see it, you also feel it. 

CF: What has been the most challenging part of your designing career? 

AS: The most challenging part for me was finding the courage to turn this whole thing into a business. Designing started as a hobby and I was totally complacent with that. It felt comfortable keeping things small. My loved ones had to push and encourage me to take things to the next level. With that push, my business was born.

CF: Can you highlight some of the most rewarding events of your career?

AS: I can say my firsts have been very rewarding. My first day with a fully functional website, my first sale, my first fashion show. It’s all been rewarding. However, having something I can call my own has been the biggest reward. 

CF: Apart from yourself, who’s your favorite designer?

AS: I guess I don’t have one. I’m not my favorite designer either. I simply just like what I like regardless of the designer. I can say I have developed an affinity for Steve Madden shoes, I even follow them on Instagram. 

CF: What vision do you have for The M’ankära Shop?

AS: Believe it or not, I’m still working on that vision. However, I want to develop an image that others recognize. I want my brand to become an icon for African-inspired fashion.

Learn More: Since Amanda just graduated, she’s currently using her free time to design and build up her brand. Watch out for a new and improved website, but for now, keep up with her by following The M’ankära Shop on Instagram.


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