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A successful boutique shop strewn across the US, Altar’d State is a sweet shop dedicated to making girls feel their best and spreading positive energy out into the world. Similar to the popular store Anthropologie, Altar’d State is as committed to its aesthetic appearance as it is its clothing. Walking into the shop, there’s a feeling of wanderlust as the clothes are hung within little environments. Aided by a homey, bohemian atmosphere, the shop and its associates are devoted to making their clients feel good and look their best. Looking for a fun dress to wear to a summer wedding? Take a peek at their vintage-styled sundresses (I vouch for this tribal print number!) Want something to don while traipsing across the beach in style? Check out this soft lace hoodie or this long sleeved lace cover up. Speaking with Assistant Store Manager Katalina, I found out a ton about the shop’s positive nature and their dedication to giving back to their clients and the world.

Name: Katalina

Position: Part Time Assistant Store Manager

CollegeFashionista: Five words to describe Altar’d State?

Katalina: Stand Out For Good — that’s what we’re about. We’re a faith-based company and all of our clothes are about modesty and standing out for a cause. All of our Altar’d State clothing gives back. They’re building a high school in Peru, and so a percentage of the sales goes to that.

CF: What is the shop’s inspiration?

K: We’re just a Christian company, so we have a lot of signage that’s about Christianity and faith. We have a prayer request book in our fitting rooms. It’s just about making the customer feel like she’s at home, like a place where she can cry, laugh, get mad. She can do whatever she wants, and we’ll be there for her.

CF: What type of girl does the store target?

K: It’s a mother and daughter store so I’ve had 12-year-olds up to 76. It’s a huge range.

CF: Describe the perfect Altar’d State summer outfit?

K: There’s so much. We have three different sections, a Romantic section, our Classic Mod and then the whole back of the store is boho. So for a romantic outfit, I would do a nice lacey dress, we have some nice summer pieces in there that are fancier for weddings. Then classic mod is going to be your more skater dresses and bold print. With the romantic stuff, I would put necklaces and lots of jewelry. For Mod I would probably do more sophisticated. And then Boho, we have baby doll dresses and fedoras for summer.

Learn More: To check out Altar’d State, visit the shop at 5238 W. 119th in Leawood, KS, or online.


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