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Abby Muscarella is equal parts savvy and stylish. The rising sophomore at Boston College hopes to pursue a career in Fashion PR, and she’s certainly wasting no time: this summer, she’s commuting 45 minutes each way to act as a public relations intern for The North Face. In the role, Muscarella does not exactly fill the stilettos of an archetypal lowly PR intern; instead, she’s contacting large media sources and crafting the series’ national press release! She says the position has both inspired her to pursue PR on campus and beyond and nurtured her continued love for fashion.

Name: Abby Muscarella

Role: Public Relations Intern for The North Face

CollegeFashionista: What made you interested in Fashion PR?

Abby Muscarella: It’s a family thing. My mom was in advertising and studied marketing at UMASS Amherst, and my sister and cousin do it, so it’s always been something I’d heard and known about. I went into Boston College undeclared but I took a couple communications first and second semester and loved it. Everything is so interesting that I’ve learned about so far, and working at The North Face so far I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve had a good time with it. And I mean I’ve always been interested in fashion…my boss at the North Face industry asked me the other day what I wanted to get out of the internship, and I told him I’m really interested in the fashion part of it, and he was like, “If you want me to set up an interview and do some nerding and research on what you might find interesting that The North Face is doing, I can set up interviews with the head of fashion, or whatever you’d like,” which is so cool and I’ll definitely have to take him up on that offer. 

CF: What exactly are you doing at The North Face?

AM: I’m working on their speaker series, where The North Face takes 10-20 of their global premiere athletes-hikers, runners, whatever, and they go around to different areas of the United States and Canada and show a film of what they’ve been doing and then talk in a Q&A/Live Discussion on the untold version. So it’s really, really neat. And it’s all over North and South, East and West. I’m working on getting the news out for that — talking to local media and national media, spreading the word. We don’t have all the dates out yet, but I think the launch is mid-August, so you’ll probably start hearing about it in July.

CF: What have you been challenged by or not enjoyed as much?

AM: This is my first job. I’ve never worked in retail or a restaurant or anything, so just kind of figuring out who I am as an employee and going straight into a real job — I’m writing press releases, I’m contacting people, I’m in an office setting — is all very, very new. So just trying to figure out the culture and dynamic of it, especially at The North Face, which is such a chill office. Everyone is so cool and super laid back, so figuring out how to act and what to do and to what extent I can ask questions…it’s all been really exciting, and since it’s going until January, I have my work cut out for me. I’m going to be doing a lot and ranking up a lot of hours.

CF: How does this experience influence what you want to do back in school and in your future career?

AM: That’s a good question. Obviously I’m going to stick on the Communications/PR track, but I think just my first year at BC I didn’t get super involved, just because I wanted to take my time figuring out my place at BC, getting used to academics, living in a dorm and making friends; I work at the radio station at BC, which is a lot of fun but not a huge time commitment. So I’m looking to start getting involved in a little bit more. Not too much that I’m drowning, especially with The North Face and the radio and school. I know BC has a fashion magazine that I haven’t looked into too much, but that might be something.

Learn More: To learn more about The North Face speaker series, visit this link, and click here to learn more about Boston College’s fashion club, A La Mode.


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