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Do you find yourself searching for hours in a thrift shop to find one fantastic piece of vintage wear? Look no further because JLINSNIDER is about to become your favorite store. Jamie Lin Snider, the owner/designer, travels all across America to find the perfect vintage clothes while designing her own one-of-a-kind line. You can find a classic thrifty piece and match it with an original Jamie Lin. This is your vintage haven and design sanctuary. I was able to catch up with the store manager, Anne-Peighton Sugg, to discuss what makes this boutique one of Charleston’s favorites.

Name: Anne-Peighton Sugg

Role: Store Manager

CollegeFasionista: What makes JLINSNIDER so unique?

Anne-Peighton Sugg: When you are trying to sell vintage clothes, it is important to thrive off the principle that fashion returns but with bolder flares. This store focuses on things that are not commonly seen. Jamie Lin likes the store to be in your face bold with a pop of grunge glamour.

CF: What are some trends are you are looking forward to seeing this summer?

APS: I really love the boho ’70s style like the white lace, denim, tribal prints and kimonos with fringe. Jamie Lin just created a red mesh dress that you can put on top of anything that is so neat and is straight from the runway.

 CF: What is your favorite accessory to add to an outfit?

APS: We have started carrying turquoise jewelry in the store and I have become obsessed with it. I want to wear it every where!

Learn More:  To snag your new favorite vintage pieces visit JLINSNIDER, located at 539 King Street in Charleston. You can also see the first look at her new line on a runway during Charleston Fashion Week.


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