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The weather is finally getting a little brisk in Savannah, so the campus is filled with students wrapped in scarves that are basically swallowing their heads and oversized sweaters that could fit two people. The first thing that I threw on when the temperature started to drop was my beanie because short hair means a cold head. Plus, with the cooler weather comes the crazy winds. And with the winds already trying to carry me away, my hair doesn't stand a chance. By the time I have my second class, my hair is going every direction but the right one, so a hat is my best bet. I guess I'm not the only one because I caught this Fashionsita on her way back to her dorm rocking a cool colored knit beanie with a plaid shirt, thrifted high-waisted shorts, sheer tights and combat boots. She wore a beanie not only to keep her head warm, but also to keep her hair from going everywhere as she bikes to class. I never would have thought that the beanie would be a stylish and smart solution. 

One of the must have fall hats is the slouchy knit beanie. It's the perfect nonchalant head piece that keeps the head and ears warm, and brings a little flair to an outfit. It comes in a wide array of styles, colors and patterns and can be bought from just about everywhere. Another plus is that pairing an outfit with a beanie is a breeze since they can be worn with just about anything. Christian Dior even used ballet-inspired beanies in his fall 2012 collection paired with ball gowns and evening wear. The beanie is perfect for any and every hair type. Plus, its the perfect go to on a bad hair day, or a bad weather day. Hats are just a practical item for your hair and especially for this season.





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