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All About Beauty

Lace and florals and leggings, oh my! Today’s Fashionista went against the grain and paired numerous materials and patterns together to create a look that’s unconventional and eye-catching. Many students here at UC Irvine feel more comfortable in clothes that tend to match and are understated (now that the cold weather is kicking in, all I see on campus are the same navy UCI crewnecks). So while it may be difficult to wrap your head around wearing black leggings underneath a bright, cheerful floral skirt like this Fashionista, at least for now, it doesn’t hurt to branch out with a patterned head wrap.

Originally derived from the turban, a type of headwear that has been worn for thousands of years based on cloth winding and has usually been worn as customary headwear by religious groups, the head wrap is more of a stylish accessory that’s printed in startling hues and crazy patterns. And this Fashionista has chosen one of the craziest head wraps of all: one printed with what appears to be every color of the rainbow, and then some.

Today it’s not uncommon to see women walking around wearing head wraps as headbands, with ears sticking out from under and hair flopping out all over. This is a big mistake. Head wraps differ from headbands in that they’re meant to be circled around the head and placed over the ears. And that’s one of the reasons why the head wrap is the best hair accessory: it holds all of your freshly brushed locks in place. Your head wrap should rest on your forehead and should feel snug, but not too tight (you don’t want to look like someone inflated your head with helium).

Another great thing about the head wrap is that there are a variety to choose from. Whether you want something simple with dark material or extravagant with chains, the head wrap is a great addition to any colorful outfit or great on its own. If you’re feeling adventurous and forward, mix your colors and prints like this Fashionista. But if you’d like to tread in shallower waters and stick with just one kaleidoscopic accessory, at least you’ve got a head start.


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