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A (good fitting) little black dress is the hallmark of everything chic and fashionable. Once you find the perfect LBD you hold on tight to it and never let it leave your closet.  LBDs can be dressed up or dressed down a la Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or like this Fashionista on her way to class. Accessories ultimately decide whether your dress is meant for day or nighttime. This Fashionista choose to make her beauty and accessory statement with a bright, bold, red headscarf.

The overall aesthetic of this outfit works so wonderfully because of its simplicity and personal style marker. First and foremost the headscarf is functional but it is also completely chic. Whether you are a dreamy bohemian or a girl with natural hair looking for a styling break, head scarfs are the perfect beauty accessory that can liven up any outfit. The functionality of this accessory protects your hair from breakage while also if need be fashionably covering up a bad hair day. Be bold like this Fashionista and let your headscarf be the main attraction. They come in many different colors, patterns, and styles and they will always pair nicely with a LBD, day or night.

If you’ve never tried wearing this hair accessory and are a bit afraid of messing up the styling, there are quite a few YouTube videos to show you the ropes. Check out this video which shows you ten different ways to rock a headscarf. Refinery29 is the web’s sovereign over all things fashionable, so I had to see what they had to say on the topic of this beauty style. Make sure to browse through the piece on songstress Yuna Zarai who rocks fashionable Hijabs everywhere she goes. After getting your sartorial inspiration and tutorials covered, make sure to buy a silk scarf so as to protect your hair and prevent breakage. Next time you wear an LBD try taking off the pearls and add a fun headscarf instead.



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