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Winter is a dark, dreary time. Trust me, I love my neutral colors as much as the next North-Eastern girl, but something about how the sky, ground and clothes are washed out colors makes me feel like the world is slowly fading away. Although it’s still not technically winter here in Philadelphia, it certainly feels like it. I’ve pulled out my heavy puffer-jacket and not a morning goes by without a cup of coffee or spiced apple cider in my hands to keep me warm.

One of the few things that peps me up during the winter time is bright pops of color. Surprising bursts of color and the glitter of holiday accessories and ornaments always help defeat the “winter blahs.” When I saw this Fashionista, she was strolling down Locust Walk with a bright purple pea coat that caught my eye. She was the antithesis of “winter blahs”. Underneath her coat was a dress, grey sweater stockings and brown riding boots. She accessorized her outfit with a grey earwarmer and white scarf that are both so perfect for the approaching winter.
I’ve come up with some helpful tips to defeat the “winter blahs.” Yes, I’ve just made it a scientific term. No, I don’t think I have the authority to do so. Step one, get a colorful jacket like this Fashionista and tell the dreary winter color-scheme that you won’t take it's nonsense! Try one like this from Anthropologie, a store that has enough glitter and colorful winter apparel to single-handedly cure the world of “winter blahs” forever. Step two, get some fun, quirky winter weather accessories, like this hat, this scarf or these mittens from Kate Spade. Step three, avoid dried out skin from the cold winter air by applying lots of moisture (to learn more about moisture, look at this article), and wear some blush and tinted chapstick to illuminate your face subtly, without drying it out. Try this blush from Benefit, because who says that you can’t have a glowing face in the winter, and this tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees.

Finally, but most importantly, don’t let the weather get to you. Keep in mind, like this Fashionista has, that colors and the right attitude can make winter seem infinitely less dreary. Plus, it’s only a few more months till it’s spring again.


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