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I've always been secretly envious of the girls with lustrous, full hair. Hair styles seem so much easier when volume is on your side. Luckily since I fall on the short end of the stick, the volume giving mousses, shampoos, conditioners and strays have been my lifesavers when I want to turn the volume up a notch. The Fashionista I walked into has no needs for the additives because she already has va va voom for days with her full body curls. She belted a printed dress and wore suede loafers with her lustrous locks. For those of us not as lucky with this type of volume in our genetics, there is way to get that lift. 

To start the process of volumious hair is the right shampoo. There are a large array of shampoos out there that give lift, but look out especially for ones that are organic and have a high pH. Organic shampoos are good for getting rid of all the various hair product build up that tend to weight hair down and pH is good for opening the cuticle to create lift.  The amount and the type of conditioner used on your hair is the next step in creating volume. If the hair is fine, a conditioner that is lightweight is best for hair and if hair is curly, a conditioner that  prevents frizz is necessary. Basically,  use a conditioner for your specific hair type and only add conditioner to the ends because it tends to weight the hair down. Last but not least, styling the hair to create volume. When drying the hair take a section at a time. Once a piece of hair ha beeb sectioned hold a round brush under the section and hold the dryer right above. Pull both tools downward together and twirl the brush at the ends to curl. This process should be done until hair is dry and smooth. When using a finishing product like a mousse or a stray on the hair use in moderation. These products too in large quantity can weight hair down and put your hair right back where it started, limy.

Another tip to allow volume is leaving your hair loose. Excessive tension to the hair from styles such as tight ponytails or braids have the tendency to weaken hair so does heat and dyes. So if all else fails and your tired of tricks not giving you the result you like, you can always go for extensions to give that extra volume or length.


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