ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Twirling Swirling Curls

All About Beauty

Curls reminiscent of the organic spirals made by frozen yogurt as it twists into a cup are as luscious as the yogurt is delicious. Long locks translate into a long list of hairstyle opportunities, including various types of curls. When hair surpasses the shoulders and reaches towards the middle of the back, volume is evenly distributed, which helps avoid overwhelming the face.

This Fashionista demonstrates how to style your hair to accent facial features. Although her hair is wavy at top, her curls don’t begin to twist and play into each other until they pass her jawbone. The soft curls seem to emerge from the waves, creating a fluid and feminine look. She maintains a sleek look with side-swept bangs that help frame her face. By not separating each individual curl, her look appears polished and put together, which is carried throughout her outfit. Her cinched-waist jacket accentuates her waist while her black leggings create a streamlined look, contrasting with the jacket’s relaxed fit. Her casual outfit combined with her seemingly effortless curls results in a laid-back yet feminine look suiting for the crisp fall air.

Cascading curls mimicking the swirling path leaves take as they fall from trees is easy to do—all you need is a few basic tools and products. For soft, voluminous curls, spritz a heat protection spray on locks before curling large sections of hair with a curling iron. Make sure your curls don’t fall throughout the day by applying hair spray afterwards. If you don’t have long, luscious hair, don’t fret! Extensions are always an option as is alternative hairstyles. If you have shoulder-length hair (or a tad shorter), sport an overgrown bob with loose curls.

Soon the weather will turn gray and hairstyles will hide beneath hats, hoods and beanies. Embrace the season while you can with a cup of frozen yogurt (pumpkin anyone?) while your curls bounce with every step you take on a pathway covered with warm-colored leaves.


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