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Many people have tried to pull off straight bangs and many have failed. This Fashionista is not one of them. She pulls off this fashion-forward hairstyle like a champ. Her bangs look phenomenal because her hair is a solid color. I, personally, think that straight bangs look better on hair that is a solid color versus hair with highlights. The thing about straight bangs is that you have to style them after every time you wash your hair. If you are not the type of person that has the energy to get up in the morning and style your hair, then I do not recommend this cut. If you are wondering of other ideas on how to style your straight bangs, I suggest putting them back in a cute clip. This is always super chic and keeps your bangs out of your eyes if they have grown out too long.  When your bangs start to grow out too long, you can casually make them swoop to the side, like this Fashionista has done.

I have to point out that this Fashionista’s makeup looks impeccable. Her eyeliner looks freshly done with no smudges. All other aspects of her makeup look completely natural, which is the point. Her skin looks flawless.

Let’s talk about the focal point of this Fashionista’s ensemble. Her tribal print shirt is a breath of fresh air because of the blue and dark pink in it. It’s that time of year in which most people only wear deep colors. It’s nice to see unexpected colors around campus. This Fashionista wore her top with classic denim and a beautiful orange scarf. The orange scarf brings in a fall color, along with her dark brown knit cardigan. She chose to pair her outfit with dark brown leather boots, a staple this fall. With an outfit that has three different bright colors, the brown cardigan pulls the outfit together because her boots are brown as well as her hair.

Next time you are at the salon and don’t know what to do with your hair, I suggest straight bangs, but only if you have the time and energy to style them everyday!


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