ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: ‘Tis the Season to be in SoCal

All About Beauty

Picture, if you will, the opening scene of a classic Christmas movie. There’s probably snow falling generously from the night sky to the tune of an old Frank Sinatra song, and through a frosted window you can just make out a couple figures gathered around a kindling fire clothed in knit sweaters and fleece-lined slippers. When the house dwellers need to step out to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, they might throw on a wool blazer, or even a peacoat. After all, it’s 20 degrees outside and icicles can be seen dangling at astonishing lengths from rooftops.

Southern California is no classic Christmas movie.

Across the country, frozen yogurt is still consumed and the air conditioning is still running. At UCI, the sun still hasn’t received the “it’s almost winter, cool down” memo, and if you try to wear a pair of mittens or snowshoes, you’re going to receive funny looks. When people make it to their indoor lecture halls, they don’t remove their outer coats or thick scarves; they take off their sunglasses. The Fashionistas in SoCal respond to this post-Thanksgiving season differently than they would if it were summer, but in a way—though unconventional for those snow-trudging collegiates—that is so typically West Coast.

Take today’s Fashionista, for instance. Though she’s not stuck in the shorts-and-tank combo of summer-mode, she opts for lighter materials and cuts to maintain her distinctly-SoCal look. Instead of a pink or yellow shirt, it’s a toned-down olive. Rather than prance around in a pair of high-waist shorts, she shows off a long, flowy skirt. And she even throws in a jacket, too; but a light denim (no cable knits or wools here).

And what ultimately completes the “Newport Beach lovin’” look she’s pulling off is her hairstyle: the braid. But don’t confuse the SoCal braid for the tight, professional-looking braid that many working New Yorkers wear while running errands in the brisk cold. If you want to achieve this Fashionista’s beachy braid, don’t be meticulous about it. Let some strands of hair loose and don’t be afraid if some of your layers slip out throughout the day. Extra points if you tie your hair with bright color bands or even flowers to give your braid the West Coast finishing touches.

From our SoCal family, to yours.


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