ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Recipe of Layering

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Clothing is like food: the more ingredients it has, the fancier it appears. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and seen a dish whose description included about seven different ingredients, some of which you weren’t sure whether it was a vegetable or a meat? I’ll bet your immediate reaction to that dish was that it sounded so fancy it had to be good. Am I right? Clothing is just like that. The more aspects you add to it the cooler and more exciting it appears.

Layering is an art form. I’m pretty sure that there is no way I can layer my clothes without looking ten sizes larger than I actually am. It could have something to do with the fact that I purchase tops that are exclusively loose, but let’s not get into that. I seriously think my inability to layer is one of my mom’s least favorite qualities I hold — she’s a woman of many layers, even in the summer time she won’t leave the house without at least two.

When I saw this Fashionista, I was immediately taken with her ability to successfully layer. There are so many different ingredients in her outfit, starting her button down plaid shirt that is casually layered over a green long sleeved t-shirt, that both cover a gauzy black mini skirt, that is worn over a pair of black tights and ending with a pair of black military boots with little gold studs on the toe-cap- jeez, I became tired just listing all of that. As you can see, there are so many facets to this Fashionista’s ensemble, that it’s hard to pinpoint the one-standout piece.

That’s the trick with layering. When you can master it, you’ve shown the fashion world that you don’t need one “wow” piece to pull your outfit together; you can do that on your own.

If you want to copy this look, I suggest going for layers with different lengths. Layer a blouse, like this one from one of my absolute favorite stores Aritzia, with a sweater, like this one from Madewell. You can put this on top of a bandage skirt, like this one from ASOS for a streamlined look, or a flirty leather skirt like this one from alice + olivia for a flirtier look. To keep your outfit casual for the daytime, you can pair it with a military boot like this Fashionista did, or if you want to rock it later on in the night, pair it with high heels. But like all fashion, this is your outlet to express your own style; I hope you find your perfect recipe for layering. 


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