ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: So Alike, Yet So Different

All About Beauty

Despite their shared gene set, identical twins are unique individuals. This pair of Fashionistas could not disagree with the latter. Another thing they definitely won’t disagree with is that they both share a strong sense of style.

After months of heat in Tucson, these Fashionistas were able to enjoy a walk on campus during a miraculous cloudy day (it’s November so this should not be surprising). Ever heard of the phrase there’s no such thing as ‘bad weather’ just bad clothes? These Fashionistas kept themselves comfortable by wearing just the right amount of fabric during an overcast, yet fairly warm, day.

Being identical twins, it is only natural for these Fashionistas to not want to be confused for one another by others. They keep their hair styled differently to keep from looking completely identical. Their choice of hair style for the day consists of a pony tail for the Fashionista on the right and a loose waterfall french braid, also known as the rainfall French braid, on the side for the Fashionista on the left.

Braids are great and effortless for both a day at school and a girl’s night out. They are simple yet beautiful. The waterfall French braid is very easy to achieve! Being a variation of the regular French braid, the waterfall braid requires you to free strands of your hair when braiding it rather than pulling it all together into the braid. This bohemian look works best with wavy to straight hair so if you have curly hair and want the braid to be noticeable, I would recommend you to straighten it a bit before braiding it.

It sometimes may not matter how distinct two people are from one another, there will always be that one person that can’t tell them apart. Luckily, Fashion is here to save the day; the style of two individuals, no matter how identical they are, will always be one of those things that help people differentiate themselves from one another.


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