ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: That Contagious Smile

All About Beauty

Nothing tops an outfit better than a wonderful, white smile. Despite having a bad hair day or misplacing your favorite shirt, a smile will always brighten up your wardrobe and your mood. Happiness is a Fashionista’s best friend—whether you’re a bohemian princess or an edgy rockstar.

This week’s Fashionista has killer style and a smile to match. Her denim jacket is from Gap, her polyester paisley dress is by Susina and her buckled boots are by Missy Moo. She paired this fly fall outfit with adorable black tights, and now she’s more than ready for that rare but strong LA wind. Her outfit is a perfect example of how a Fashionista can still dress feminine while being weather-appropriate for fall.

What caught my attention most about this particular Fashionista is her beautiful, beaming smile. Not only is her happiness contagious, but also her smile is glowing. This Fashionista takes care of her pearly whites by brushing her teeth multiple times a day with toothpaste by Crest and flossing daily as well. Having clean, white teeth is incredibly essential to one’s smile thus taking good care of your teeth is a worthwhile investment.

So ladies and gentleman, please never forget your daily hygiene routine. This advice may be rather strange coming from a fashion column, but being healthy is beautiful. And beauty and fashion go hand in hand. Now back to how to get that shiny smile. In order to accentuate your smile, wear a slightly tinted lip color that will contrast with your teeth’s white color. For example, this Fashionista rocks the CoverGirl Nature Luxe tinted lip balm, which is a great option for fast, on-the-go lip color for class. It’s easy to use, easy to find and most importantly affordable.

So take notes from this Fashionista, and wear your best accessory: your smile. In spite of clichés, rocking those pearly whites will light up your look and light up the lives of those around you. Having a trendy outfit is fun and the it-thing at the moment, but a beautiful smile is timeless.


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